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Ooh, Monday morning starts off with a bad pun! Would you forgive me if I told you that cheap joke was to get your attention as we announce the release of Tcl Dev Kit 5.0? I thought you might….
It’s true, no joke: TDK 5.0 has just been released. Easier, smarter, and more flexible: TDK 5.0 is an essential upgrade for Tcl/Tk developers, with TclApp cross-platform wrapping, multi-architecture starkits, improved TDK Checker syntax analysis, and support for Tcl 8.6.
Check out the documentation to get the complete low down on TDK 5.0.
More good news? Killer pricing on TDK, ActiveTcl Pro Studio, and upgrades.
Already a TDK user?

  • Upgrades from TDK 4.x are $145 $95
  • Upgrades to ActiveTcl Pro Studio bundles are $295 $245

TDK for Teams: Save BIG on 5-packs of Tcl Dev Kit or ActiveTcl Pro Studio for a limited time!

  • Get the TDK 5-Pack for Teams for $1475 $995 
  • Go Pro for Teams! Get a 5-pack of ActiveTcl Pro Studio bundles for $2475 $1995 

New to TDK: Buy TDK 5.0 now and save!

  • Buy TDK 5.0 for $295 $245  | 
  • Go Pro with ActiveTcl Pro Studio bundles for $495 $445

Sale prices are in effect until December 23, 2008.
There. Forgive me for the pun now?

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