Perl 5.12: Ready to Make the Move?

Last week we hosted a webinar on Perl called “Keeping up with Perl: development, upgrade and deployment options for Perl 5.12 “, where 79% of the audience was considering an upgrade to Perl 5.12. Jan Dubois, senior Perl developer and Troy Topnik, technical writer, covered a wide range of topics to answer the important question: now that ActivePerl 5.12 and Perl Dev Kit 9 are available, are you ready to make the move?

Jan and Troy covered:

  • What’s new in Perl 5.12
  • What to do with legacy code written in Perl
  • Assess if you need to upgrade to the latest Perl
  • How to deploy Perl applications quickly and efficiently
  • How to use CPAN and Perl Package Manger (PPM) for managing 3rd party modules
  • Deployment choices including web, system, desktop and utility applications

The vast majority of people who attended the webinar are currently using ActivePerl 5.8 and 5.10. Not surprisingly, most people (79%) are considering upgrading to 5.12. A large majority indicated that they used Perl for data analysis (84%) even more so than system administration (69%).

Are you ready to make the move to 5.12? ActivePerl 5.12 is now available in all Editions (Enterprise, OEM, Business, and Community Editions), and is supported in Perl Dev Kit 9 too. If you’re considering the upgrade, listening to the archived webinar is worth your time. If you’re starting to implement new applications with Perl, concerned with legacy applications, or are simply in need of a refresher to keep up-to-date, don’t miss it.

For a quick review of the webinar, see the slides below.

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