Last Updated: July 19, 2019

Perl Dev Kit gets ActivePerl 5.10 support

ActiveState updated Perl Dev Kit (PDK) to 7.1, to add support for Perl 5.10 (in addition to the 5.6 and 5.8 support).

PDK is the essential tool suite for Perl developers that facilitates the creation and deployment of professional Perl applications.

Some other issues were also addresssed, like adding support for Mac OS X 10.5.  You can read all the details, try the Perl Dev Kit.

It is of course a free update for existing PDK 7 users.


Jeff Hobbs

Jeff Hobbs

Jeff Hobbs is our CTO & VP, Engineering and oversees all ActiveState product development including our cloud solutions. Though he’s responsible for leading and fostering our talented development team, Jeff is a coder at heart! He is passionate about technologies that just work, making the lives of developers easier. His current obsession is making Stackato the best private PaaS platform for developers: using any language, any infrastructure, and leveraging open source - so that applications just deploy and scale in any cloud.