PPM Index: A new way to browse Perl packages

Perl Package Manager (PPM) installs pre-built Perl modules into ActivePerl. The ActiveState PPM repositories currently contain 13,000 to 16,000 modules per platform. They are easy to search with the PPM client, either from the command-line or from a GUI (see “How to install CPAN modules into ActivePerl“).
However, sometimes you may want to know if a module is available on a particular platform to decide if you can use it in a multi-platform project. The PPM Index page shows a nice matrix for all ActivePerl versions and supported platforms. A green checkmark shows that the module is available, whereas a red button indicates that the build has failed. Clicking on the button will bring up the build log.

If you are a module author, you may want to look at the build log to understand why the build did not succeed on the PPM build servers.

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