Last Updated: July 22, 2019

TDK 4.1 released

Even with our fearless leader at Toolapalooza this week, we have gone ahead and released TDK 4.1. This version includes some great new features and is now available for purchase or a 21-day free trial.

Along with bug fixes, some new features include:

  • Static syntax checking (tclchecker) extended with support for some 00 extensions for Tcl
  • Tcldebugger with support for multi-threaded debugging, based on the existing feature of spawnpoints
  • Tcldebugger extended with support for snit and Tcl00

For an overview of TDK visit our website.

Kendra Penrose

Kendra Penrose

Kendra Penrose is our Marketing and Communications Manager. When she isn't "marketing and communicating" she can be found hiking, doing yoga, listening to tunes, eating yummy food, and hanging out with family and friends. She originally hails from the non-profit sector but has found her home in IT.