Top 10 Developer Skills To Learn Going Into 2021

Top developer skills 2021
As the saying goes, new year, new you! Being a developer is an increasingly attractive career prospect, however it also comes with much competition. Knowing which skills employers are on the lookout for, will help you not only stand-out from the competition but will also ensure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

1) Python

Perhaps the most popular programming language to date, companies like Google, Facebook, Spotify and many more make extensive use of it. It is easy to learn while remaining a powerful and flexible tool in any developer’s arsenal. Thankfully we have plenty of resources for you to start with! Or let us help you choose your Python distribution.

2) Machine Learning

machine learning

Machine learning’s rise to popularity is due in no small part to how popular Python is. With our technologically advanced world, data is king and machine learning is an integral part of making sense of all the data we collect. While it can be complicated to start with, we’ve made it easier by building the hard to build packages for you!

3) Data Science

data science

Data science encompasses machine learning, so it is only natural that it is on this list. However, adding data science to your resume will require more work as it incorporates multiple disciplines from data analytics to software engineering. But, same as with machine learning, we’ve done our best to do the hard work for you! 

4) The Cloud 

the cloud

As companies commit to moving their applications to the cloud, the demand for cloud experts is growing. Getting a certification from any or all of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Try it out for yourself with our AWS tutorial!

5) Cybersecurity


Fueled not only by the move to the cloud, but also by the work-from-home trend, security concerns have grown. Enterprises are looking to integrate cybersecurity experts into their teams as quickly as possible to ensure their applications and users are safe. Luckily, Python comes with many security tools. You can even implement them at home.

6)  Kubernetes


Kubernetes is at the heart of everything most software companies are doing in the cloud right now. It’s the dominant container orchestration solution, table stakes for cloud-native deployments, and it’s also really hard. Luckily there are quite a few tutorials that can help you get started with the basics

7) AI, Automation and Natural Language Processing

Ai, automation and NLP - developer skills 2021

AI has started moving from a fantasy to a reality, accelerated by COVID-19. The ability to map out multiple scenarios, automate repetitive tasks and analyze large amounts of natural language data are all key to making AI a reality. Not sure where to start with NLP? Read this.

8) React

react - developer skills 2021

JavaScript is another language that is highly in demand by employers. According to HackerRank’s 2018 report, JavaScript’s React framework had the biggest gap between supply and demand, which still remains an issue. Want to get noticed by employers? You could do worse than adding React to your resume.

9) Web frameworks

flask vs django - developer skills 2021

Web applications are the bread and butter of companies nowadays, and getting one from concept to market as quickly as possible is key. Django and Flask are the most popular web frameworks for publishing an application in record time. However, they take two different approaches, read which one is the best for you here.

10) CompTIA

comptia - developer skills 2021

Employers are always on the lookout for IT professionals for their business operations. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) offers four different series of certification paths that are widely recognized, and are a great addition to a developer’s resume. Get a head start by learning the top 10 Python tools for IT administrators.

There’s never a better time than now to put your New Year’s resolution into practice and learn a new skill. With the rise of Python, data science and the ongoing shift to the cloud, there are many opportunities to be had by learning just a few skills that standout to employers. From machine learning to information technology, online learning has never been easier. We hope you’ll put this new found knowledge to good use! 

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