Top 5 Cybersecurity Youtube Channels To Follow

Top 5 CyberSecurity Youtube Channels
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Everyone knows that machine learning and webdev are hot topics but fewer people know that cybersecurity is rising in the rankings. Catapulted by the recent US government’s executive order to secure open source software, now’s a great time to learn more about how the world of cybersecurity could affect you.

1) LiveOverflow

LiveOverflow is one of the most popular cybersecurity-related channels. While hacking is the main topic covered (with live videos and tutorials) LiveOverflow also touches on reverse engineering and how to find bugs.


YouTube’s “hackfluencer” STOK is a bug bounty hunter (virtual bugs of course!), he gives his viewers tips and tricks so that they too can try their hand at it. His series named “bounty Thursdays” is great for cybersecurity professionals to get caught up on all the latest news in a short amount of time.

3) The Cyber Mentor

Heath aka The Cyber Mentor is a penetration tester by trade. His youtube channel is dedicated to teaching people various aspects of ethical hacking but also touches on various other topics such as how Heath got his career together, college degrees and advice on running your own business. The Cyber Mentor is perfect for anyone looking to get started in the cybersecurity sphere.

4) Hak5

Hak5’s channel is centered around the infosec (protecting information)  & cybersecurity industry and features multiple presenters covering a wide variety of topics from cryptocurrency, 3D printing, robotics and much more.. Their latest video (as of 08/31/2021) discusses the US government’s cybersecurity plans. 


A bit different from the other channels listed here, OWASP is the Open Web Application Security Project’s YouTube channel. While it isn’t a regular YouTube channel with a familiar host, OWASP does upload most of its conferences, webinars, and occasional organizational updates. This is for the more advanced users out there but anyone interested will have something to gain by taking a peak.

The topic of Cybersecurity is a fascinating one, with multiple facets and even more to learn. These 5 channels should provide a good starting point for beginners to advanced cybersecurity experts. 

After you’ve gotten familiarized with the CyberSecurity sphere, you’ll begin to wonder how secure your own software is. That’s where DevSecOps (and we) come in. DevSecOps believes in making everyone from IT to developers and managers accountable for software security.

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