Top 5 Software Security Events For Business Leaders

Top 5 CyberSecurity Events

With cyberattacks like ransomware and supply chain attacks like SolarWinds dominating the news cycle, security, more than ever, is everyone’s business. But cybersecurity is a fast moving industry. Keeping up with the USA’s and European Union’s new guidelines that take aim at preventing potentially serious software supply chain attacks can be a full time job in and of itself.

As a security or software professional, you are part of the team responsible for keeping your organization’s software supply chain secure. Staying connected with your peers, and staying up to date with emerging threats and tactics is the only way to avoid becoming the next headline. Here are some great chances to network with those on the frontline of security – just like you.

1) RSAConference

Organized by RSA, RSAConferences have two important dates: 

  • The United States Event runs from February 7th to 10th 2022 Asia-Pacific Event runs in summer 2022. 

From high-profile speakers, hands-on learning, early stage company expos RSAConference events provide plenty of networking opportunities. While the sale for their USA event passes has concluded, we’d definitely recommend attending the Asia Pacific event.

2) Black Hat Events

Black Hat is an internationally recognized series of cybersecurity events. What started as a single annual conference in 1997 now spans 3 major events in the United States, Europe and Asia.

In addition, Black Hat organizes briefings where security experts present their research, new vulnerabilities, open-source tools and much more. You and your organization can participate in them or you can find the archives here.

To round up their catalog, Black Hat also offers training sessions, webinars and showcases for new open source tools called “Arsenal”.

3) Security Week Summits

The Security Week Summits cover a series of security focused topics (seven in 2021) over the course of the year including cloud security, threat hunting, and security operations. The events are all conducted through their own platform that allows attendees to network with each other and interact with speakers. 

We highly recommend watching their supply chain security summit that examines the current state of supply chain attacks in the wake of the SolarWinds mega-hack. 

4) DevSecCon

If you’re a fan of open source software (who isn’t?) then you’ll love DevSecCon, which is composed of community-driven chapters from London to Germany to India and more. Each local community organises their own community events, which can include training sessions, talks and networking opportunities aimed at helping developers and security professionals connect and improve their security processes.

DevSecCon’s main event usually happens in June of each year over the course of two days so keep an eye out for 2022’s registration to open. 

5) SnykCon

SnykCon has already wrapped for this year, but we’d be hard pressed not to recommend it! A once a year, 2-day event organized by Snyk in early October, it’s a jam packed event with hundreds of expert talks on every security topic imaginable, plus workshops, demos and product roadmaps. 

You can watch the recordings on your own time, but we recommend Justin Cormack’s “Understanding Supply Chain Security for Developers” as a great starting point.

While the 2021 version of these events have already passed, we’d recommend getting an early start on registering for the next year as cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. You can also check out our own webinars on how to improve your Python productivity and security and securing your open source language supply chains.

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