Webinar: The ActiveState of Tcl

Millions of developers around the world use Tcl for rapid prototyping, scripted applications, GUIs, and testing. It’s everywhere around us – from routers, to network management tools to semiconductors. Yet Tcl remains one of the most unheralded and quietest languages in programming. But our intelligence tells us this is changing. Not only has Tcl jumped nearly 20 spots in the Tiobe rankings this month but it continues to be used in mission critical applications powering the world around us.

Join ActiveState Director of Engineering Tom Radcliffe and guest speaker Clif Flynt, author of “Tcl/Tk For Real Programmers”, as they discuss Tcl’s relevance in the modern world. Some of the topics they’ll talk about include:

  • Tcl’s origin story
  • Where is Tcl being used today, from AndroWish to EDA
  • Use cases for Tcl
  • What the future holds for Tcl, including the latest features like TclOO

If you want to learn more, join us next week and don’t miss this spirited discussion!

Webinar: The ActiveState of Tcl
Date: August 10th, 2016
Time: 10am PDT/1pm EDT

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