ActiveTcl Business Edition and Enterprise Edition include our precompiled, supported, quality-assured Tcl distribution for easy Tcl installation and quality-assured code. Download ActiveTcl Community Edition to get started in development for free.

When you’re using Tcl on production servers or mission-critical applications, ActiveTcl Business Edition and Enterprise Edition offer significant time savings over open source Tcl for installing, removing, upgrading, and managing common Tcl modules.

New Modules Included in ActiveTcl 8.6.8

We’ve pre-bundled a number of Tcl modules in our ActiveTcl 8.6.8 release:

Crticl, TclSOAP, Snack, TkCon, BWidget, [incr Tk], Tcllib, TclX, Expect, Tls, Tklib, TkTable, Tclvfs, Metakit, Tbcload, Img, Treectrl, Wub, Nsf, Trofs, [incr widgets]

Reduce Risk with Commercially Supported Tcl

  • Comply with corporate policy requirements to have supported open source products
  • Full license review including all precompiled third-party Tcl modules with assurances to minimize risk (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Protect your organization from legal risk with indemnification coverage (Enterprise Edition only)
  • We provide customized builds for older versions of ActiveTcl that are linked against OpenSSL 1.0.2d

Tested, Timely and Compatible

Save time in your development cycles by starting with a precompiled Tcl distribution for out-of-the-box installation and standardization across the operating systems you rely on, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (as well as Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX in Enterprise Edition). Develop once and deploy successfully across your production environment.

ActiveTcl Business and Enterprise Editions include:

  • Precompiled Tcl distribution for out-of-the-box installation, including ActiveTcl 8.4, 8.5, 8.6
  • Core Tcl binaries
  • Additional binaries for popular packages/modules through TeaPot1
  • Extended documentation

Business Edition licensing is for each production or external-facing server, including virtual servers. Enterprise Edition licensing is on a custom, site-wide basis.

Save Time with Support from the Tcl Experts

With ActiveTcl Business and Enterprise Editions, you get the technical support you need so you can save time and get to market faster.

  • Keep your development issues private with direct access to our Tcl support team
  • Count on Tcl expertise at your fingertips with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet your business’ needs (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Free up precious development time to focus on your core competencies
  • Ensure maximum uptime for your business-critical applications

Extended Platform and Version Support

ActiveTcl Enterprise Edition extends your ability to develop applications for the following additional operating systems: Solaris, AIX and HP-UX.

Business and Enterprise Editions provide access to older Tcl versions:

  • Convenient, worry free access to Tcl 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6
  • Benefit from the ability to test your products against any release version
  • Access to Expect for Windows
  • Cross-platform system administration and test automation installers

Although non-production use is permitted for free using our latest Community Edition versions, use of legacy versions on non-production and/or production machines requires a Business Edition or Enterprise Edition license. Please contact us for more details.

Support Options

Community Edition


Support through community only—ask your questions in our forums.

Non-production use only with current version(s)

Business Edition

From $999/Instance/Year

Email support2

2-day response time

1 technical contact

Enterprise Edition

Custom Pricing

Unlimited phone/email support

2-hour response time3

2 technical contacts

Ideal for 10+ installs

1 Module and platform availability vary by version and operating system. Please contact ActiveState sales department for details on version and platform support for Business and Enterprise Editions.

2 Business Edition includes support for build, installation, usage, configuration, and diagnosis dependent on ActiveState’s product life cycle. Business Edition is tested, precompiled, and quality assured but only the most recent versions of the distributions are actively maintained; if you need access to advanced support or ongoing maintenance (i.e. security patches, bug fixes and new feature etc.), consider Enterprise Edition.

3 Enterprise Edition support response time guarantees: Critical – 2 bus.hrs, Severe – 4 bus.hrs, Minor – 1 bus. day. Indemnification and assurance on license review only provided in Enterprise Edition.