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ActivePerl Community Edition

Alternate Installers for Perl

You are currently downloading the 64-bit MSI installer which is the preferred installer for most situations. If you need an alternate installer for ActivePerl, please choose from these options:

You will need to create an ActiveState Platform account and follow the workflow. The EXE and ZIP versions of ActivePerl can then be downloaded under the “Download Builds” tab.

If you require a 32-bit installer, you must subscribe to the Team Tier of the ActiveState Platform. Learn more about ActiveState Platform Tiers.

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Don’t Forget…

Talk to us about business or enterprise options if you need to:

  • Use ActivePerl beyond development use
  • Redistribute with your application
  • Use on terminal servers or thin client for app deployment (i.e. Terminal Services, XenApp)
  • Get builds for AIX or Solaris