Perl Modules with ActivePerl and PPM

PPM Index

Save time and make solid design decisions by searching and reviewing details of Perl packages (Perl modules) instantly with PPM Index.

PPM Index allows you to easily search the ActivePerl package repository of almost 15,000 Perl modules. Search by name, author, or keywords in the description. Browse through popular modules and sort them by name, release date or popularity.

When you find the module you’re looking for, PPM Index gives you:

  • package availability by platform, OS, and Perl version
  • links to documentation
  • RSS feeds for build status

Additional Benefits of PPM Index

  • View the most popular and recent additions to the repository
  • Understand module dependencies and release availability with ease
  • Deploy the right version of Perl packages/modules for your operating system
  • Share information about your favorite modules with your colleagues via Twitter
  • View timely, targeted information from the new and improved repository interface

Perl Modules Pre-Compiled with ActivePerl

Save time from having to compile your own Perl modules, by using ActivePerl, complete with thousands of modules already pre-compiled for you. Here are some of the popular modules included with the ActivePerl core:

  • DBD::ODBC, DBD::Oracle
  • Net::FTP, Net::Telnet
  • XML::Parser, HTML::Parser
  • Crypt::SSLeay
  • Algorithm::Diff, Text::Diff
  • Date::Calc
  • Perl::Critic
  • Devel::NYTProf
  • Moose

Download ActivePerl Community Edition to get started.

Perl Modules with ActivePerl PPM (Perl Package Manager)

ActivePerl offers significant time savings over open source Perl for installing, removing, upgrading, and managing Perl modules, using PPM (Perl Package Manager). In addition to the modules already bundled with ActivePerl, there are thousands more Perl modules that can be installed from PPM – the ActivePerl online repository of compiled CPAN distributions.

Here is a sample of some of the most popular modules accessed through PPM:

  • Database: DBD-mysql
  • Date&Time: DateTime, TimeDate
  • Parsers: Parse-RecDescent
  • Email: Email-Simple, MailTools, MIME-tools, MIME-Types
  • XML: XML-Twig, XML-SAX
  • Utility:  Moose, List-MoreUtils, IO-stringy, Try-Tiny
  • Excel: Spreadsheet-ParseExcel, Spreadsheet-WriteExcel
  • Encryption: Crypt-DES, Crypt-Blowfish, Crypt-DSA

Download ActivePerl Community Edition to get started, then launch ppm which provides both command line and GUI access to all modules available through PPM*.


* Module availability is dependent on ActivePerl version and your operating system. The PPM client will show exactly what is available on your current version and operating system.