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Deliver Value Faster With Our ActiveTcl Distribution

Precompiled with hundreds of popular Tcl modules, ActiveTcl for Windows, Linux and macOS offers significant time savings over open source Tcl for installing, removing, upgrading, and managing common Tcl modules:

  • Precompiled Tcl distribution for out-of-the-box installation
  • Core Tcl binaries
  • Additional binaries for popular packages/modules through TeaPot
  • Extended documentation
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ActiveState Tcl and the ActiveState Platform – Package Management That Makes Developers Lives Easier

You can use the ActiveState Platform to configure runtime environments that contain a version of Tcl and only the modules your project requires. Gain automated dependency management, cloud-based builds of dependencies from source, and the ability to revert, fork, merge and update configurations—all without the need for build engineering or Windows and Linux expertise.

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Tcl ActiveState Platform
Tcl Vulnerabilities

Identify & Resolve Security Vulnerabilities Faster

Shortcut the lengthy remediation process of investigating, rebuilding, retesting, and updating runtime environments. The ActiveState Platform lets you find vulnerabilities, fix them, and automatically rebuild a secure version of your Tcl environment in minutes, decreasing Mean Time To Remediation (MTTR) from days to hours.

See how vulnerability remediation works

Enterprise-Grade Tcl Dependency Management

The ActiveState Platform automates dependency resolution, helping to ensure your environment contains known-good sets of dependencies that work together. Can’t resolve a dependency conflict? Let the ActiveState Platform resolve it for you, or at least tell you how to manually solve it yourself.

Read about our approach to dependency resolution

Tcl dependencies

Built Fast from Source

The ActiveState Platform gives you access to a distributed build system so that even complex development environments can be automatically built and packaged for your OS straight from source code, giving you all the security assurances and flexibility that comes with it.

Read about Tcl security for enterprises

Revision Control

See a history of all changes to your environment with the ability to revert, fork, and merge changes between versions.

See how to revert to a previous commit

Open Source Licensing

ActiveState Tcl and the modules you install via the command line are licensed under their original licenses.

More about ActiveState Platform licensing

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 See how the Platform works – GUI | Need help? Head here – ActiveState Community Forums | Enterprise Support – Contact Sales

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