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UPDATE 2021: ActiveState’s Community Edition (CE) language distributions (ActivePython, ActivePerl and ActiveTcl) are being phased out. These kinds of global installers of programming languages will soon be available only to our Enterprise users. Instead, ActiveState is replacing them with the ActiveState Platform ecosystem, which provides users with a secure open source supply chain and advanced package management capabilities. It works as a  cross-platform, universal virtual environment solution.
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The ActiveState Platform is designed to make programmers more productive while ensuring organizations can benefit from securing their open source supply chain at a time of increasing supply chain attacks.

The ActiveState Platform gives you access to a distributed, parallel build functionality so that even complex development environments can be automatically built and packaged for your OS in record time—straight from source code—giving you all the security assurances and flexibility that comes with it.

Making the move from our Community Editions to the ActiveState Platform is as simple as installing the latest version of PythonPerl or Tcl from ActiveState for Windows, Linux or macOS.  However, you should also be aware of the licensing and pricing changes that come with it.

See how it works – Command Line Interface | See how it works – Graphical User Interface

If you have any questions, you can always head to ActiveState Community Forums for support.

Ready to see for yourself? You can try the ActiveState Platform by signing up for a free account.

Tcl/Tk Modules Precompiled with ActiveTcl

Save time from having to compile your own Tcl/Tk modules by using ActiveTcl, complete with hundreds of modules already precompiled for you. Here are some of the popular modules included with the ActiveTcl core:

  • [incr Tcl] and TclOO object extensions
  • Thread native system threading
  • tclvfs virtual file system layer
  • zlib compression library
  • http network library
  • tbcload precompiled bytecode loader
  • Tk core user interface toolkit, plus Tktable, Img, BWidget
  • tkcon enhanced Tk console

Download ActiveTcl Community Edition to get started.

UPDATE 2021: ActiveState has open sourced TEAcup and TEApot, and does not include them in ActiveTcl 8.6. You can find them on GitHub here:

Popular Tcl/Tk Modules with Teapot and Teacup

ActiveTcl offers significant time savings over open source Tcl/Tk for installing, removing, upgrading, and managing Tcl/Tk modules, using the Teapot repository with ActiveTcl’s teacup client. In addition to the modules precompiled with ActiveTcl, there are thousands more Tcl/Tk modules that can be installed from Teapot – the open source repository of compiled modules.

Here is a sample of some of the popular modules accessed through Teapot:

  • Automation: Expect, comm
  • Database: SQLite, Oratcl, tclodbc, Metakit
  • Encryption: TLS, Trf, md5, des
  • XML: tdom, TclXML, TclXSLT, SOAP
  • Tk widgets: Tix, Togl, Tkhtml, tkdnd
  • Utility: udp, pop3, ftp, nntp, pdf4tcl, json

Download ActiveTcl Community Edition to get started, then launch Teapot which provides both command line and user interface access to all modules available through Teapot*.

* Module availability is dependent on ActiveTcl version and your operating system. The Teapot client (teacup) installed with ActiveTcl will show exactly what is available on your current version and operating system.
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