ActivePython: Precompiled, Pre-verified, Pre-optimized

ActivePython: Precompiled, Pre-verified, Pre-optimized

ActivePython: Precompiled, Pre-verified, Pre-optimized

UPDATE 2021 – ActiveState’s Community Edition (CE) language distributions (ActivePython, ActivePerl and ActiveTcl) are being phased out and will soon only be available to our enterprise customers. Instead, ActiveState is replacing them with the ActiveState Platform ecosystem, which provides users with a secure open source supply chain and advanced package management capabilities. It works as a  cross-platform, universal virtual environment solution.
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Python is one of the top 10 programming languages, but enterprises are challenged with variably licensed and maintained third-party components. ActivePython provides a standardized Python distribution to ensure license compliance, security, compatibility and performance.
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The World’s Most Powerful Scripting Language From The Industry’s Most Trusted Vendor

Recognized as one of the top 10 programming languages for the past 15 years, the Python open source programming language has garnered a huge developer following that has created more than 100,000 third-party packages. As a result, enterprise usage of Python has escalated, and right along with it so have the risks associated with adopting open source software, which typically include variably licensed and maintained third-party components.


Pre-Compiled, Pre-Verified And Pre-Optimized

ActiveState has been in the business of providing supported, community-derived OSS language distributions for more than 20 years. Enterprises are ensured they can safely adopt open source software (OSS) like Go in their mission critical applications.

Our ActivePython distribution features more than 300 popular third-party packages, all of which have been carefully curated for license compliance and staledated components that may arise from lack of community support. Only then are the packages incorporated into our OS-specific installers, AMI or Docker distributions through a process of rigorous testing, patching and optimization to ensure compatibility and performance.

As a result, ActivePython “just works” out of the box, dramatically decreasing the time to provision your teams with a standard Python distribution that features the same packages, versioning and licensing no matter the form factor, ensuring consistency while reducing friction and uncertainty for your Dev and DevOps teams.

ActivePython For Machine Learning

Data Scientists understand the value of Python when it comes to creating and verifying algorithms against large datasets in order to create trained models. However, these routines tend to be computationally expensive, bottlenecking development and delaying time to market.

ActivePython is the only distribution to provide a complete, one-click Python distribution for Machine Learning that includes all the basic data science packages (NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, etc) along with popular Machine Learning packages (Keras, TensorFlow, etc) and Intel’s Math Kernel Library (MKL), all of which have been optimized for compatibility and performance. The result is faster CPU-based math processing which can dramatically decrease the time to create trained models.

Key Features and Functionality
Pre-compiled All of our >300 packages included have been pre-compiled and pre-integrated to ensure compatibility and optimization between all components.
Pre-verified All packages have been verified to ensure against outdated or vulnerable versions, as well as incompatibility or improper licensing.
Commercial Support & Maintenance Email and/or phone support with guaranteed response times, accompanied by regular maintenance releases, security patches and updates.
Indemnification Ensure against legal IP infringement and unwittingly violating third party license agreements.
OEM Licensing Permits royalty-free redistribution of ActivePython in your commercial application, along with second-line support.
Math Function Acceleration Includes Intel’s Math Kernel Library for Increasing performance and reducing development time via optimized math routines.
Komodo IDE Complimentary license for ActiveState’s cross-platform, polyglot IDE, which offers a wealth of features and functionality to make Python coding easier.
Online and Offline Docs Extensive documentation for the base language, as well as all included packages allow you to be productive while connected or disconnected.
Python Versions ActivePython distributions are available for Python 2.7.x and 3.5.x.
Operating Systems Support for the latest releases of Mac OS, Windows and major Linux vendors, as well as IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris and HP-UX.
Form Factors Available as an OS-specific installer for Mac, Windows and Linux.
Custom Builds Custom-built versions of ActivePython (based on Python 2.x or 3.x) featuring the packages/versions you need on the platform/environment you run.
Key Included Packages (More Than 300 In Total)
Data Science  NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Jupyter, IPython, dask, luigi, and more.
Big Data HDF5, PyTables, pymongo, SQLAlchemy, pyMySQL, elasticsearch, and more.
Data Visualization Matplotlib, bokeh, seaborn, and more.
Machine Learning Keras, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, Lasagne.
Web App Development Django, Flask, Tornado, requests, AWS SDK, google-cloud, and more.
Code Quality/Testing Pytest, selenium, nose, flake8, coverage, and more.
Security Cryptography, pyOpenSSL, ecdsa, passlib, bcrypt, requeswt-oauthlib, PyCryptodome, service_identity, and more.
Dev Tools pytz, PyYAML, lxml, py, cffi, and more.

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Switching To The ActiveState Platform

ActiveState’s Community Edition (CE) language distributions (ActivePython, ActivePerl and ActiveTcl) are being phased out. These kinds of global installers will soon be available only to our Enterprise users.

Instead, ActiveState is replacing them with the ActiveState Platform ecosystem, which provides users with a secure open source supply chain and advanced package management capabilities.

How to try the ActiveState Platform

The ActiveState Platform is designed to make developers more productive, while ensuring organizations can benefit from securing their open source supply chain at a time of increasing supply chain attacks.

You can try the ActiveState Platform by signing up for a free account. Or contact Sales for a free demo and let us show you how you can secure your open source supply chain today.

Want to learn if ActiveState is a good fit for your organization? Schedule a consultation.

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