ActiveState Adds Expect for Windows to ActiveTcl

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – August 23, 2005 – ActiveState today enhanced its ActiveTcl language distribution by adding Expect for Windows to the popular free download. The new ActiveTcl 8.4.11 (for Windows), the current release of ActiveState's quality-assured distribution of the Tcl scripting language, is available immediately as a free download.

"I'm pleased to make the power of Expect available to everyone on Windows for free," says Jeff Hobbs, ActiveState's Senior Tcl Developer. "ActiveState will be working with the community to open source Expect for Windows in the near future."

ActiveState Expect for Windows is a tool for automating access to interactive applications and is used significantly by system administrators and test engineers. The original Expect version was written for Unix platforms. ActiveState Expect for Windows provides the automation power of Expect for the Windows platform.

The ActiveTcl distribution also includes ActiveState's full Expect for Windows help documentation and 'how-to' tutorials for beginner to advanced Expect programmers. Information on how to wrap Expect Scripts with the ActiveState Tcl Dev Kit's TclApp, a valuable tool for deploying Tcl programs, is also provided. ActiveState Expect for Windows is based on Expect v5.43 and is compatible with Tcl 8.4.

Get ActiveTcl 8.4.11 (for Windows) with Expect for Windows: Download ActiveTcl Now!

The ActiveState Team

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