ActiveState Announces Partnership with NumFOCUS

Vancouver, BC, Feb 22, 2018 — ActiveState, a leader in providing commercial open source language distributions, announced today its partnership with NumFOCUS, a nonprofit supporting better science through open code. The partnership helps support NumFOCUS along with four of its open source projects: Matplotlib, pandas, SymPy, PyTables.

The four projects are used in data science. Data science enables companies to use algorithms to gain data insight. Python is becoming the language of choice to deploy algorithms into production.

“NumFOCUS is proud to become a partner with ActiveState. Their importance in the community is widely regarded and their products help distribute the work of NumFOCUS projects to our large base of commercial users. Our partnership will give important resources to projects as they are able to maintain these crucial tools that help improve the lives of so many people”, Andy Terrel, President, NumFOCUS Board of Directors.

ActiveState is a longtime contributor to Python communities. It is a founding partner of the Python Software Foundation and the first commercial provider of Python language builds. It has been delivering ActivePython, its precompiled and preverified Python distros, since 1999. And last month ActiveState announced its SaaS platform for open source languages and led with a Python runtime solution.

“We are bullish on Python. It’s one of the key languages for enterprises to benefit from data science,” says Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState. “Our ActivePython language distros feature machine learning packages that significantly speed up algorithm processing. And our ability to deliver this is due in part to the work by NumFOCUS and its open source projects.”

The partnership provides economic and in-kind support to the communities and their data science projects. ActiveState provides free and licensed versions of ActivePython, its commercial grade Python distros for data science. Find more information here.

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