ActiveState Enhances ActivePython’s Test Driven Development Capabilities with the Release of ActivePython 2.7.12 and ActivePython 3.5.2

Vancouver, BC – January 10, 2017 – ActiveState, the open source languages company, today announced the release of an enhanced ActivePython 2.7.12 and ActivePython 3.5.2. In addition to expanding support for test driven development (TDD), this release also includes some of the most popular Python packages including VirtualEnv, Requests, Six, Simplejson, DateUtil, and MarkupSafe. ActivePython now also includes ActiveState’s polyglot IDE, Komodo.

Systems built with TDD practices have lower maintenance costs, which allows for faster development progress to provide ongoing business value. ActivePython now includes the Pyflakes, Pytest, and Coverage Python testing packages: Coverage reports on how much code is covered by unit tests, Pyflakes checks Python programs for well known errors, and Pytest is a popular unit testing framework. The inclusion of these modules results in a more robust, complete, and feature-rich enterprise Python distribution out-of-the-box that provides developers with the testing tools they want and need.

“Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the development community today. With this latest release of ActivePython, ActiveState is committed to creating a stable, high-quality, and technologically advanced distribution of Python for developers to use,” said Tom Radcliffe, ActiveState Director of Engineering. “In our recent Open Source Survey, almost half of developers responded that they used test driven development as their primary development process. We’ve made a concerted effort to ensure that the most popular and effective Python testing packages were a part of the new release so that developers can fully take advantage of Python’s vast testing capabilities.”

In addition to the Python testing packages, this release of ActivePython also includes the most popular and in demand Python packages: VirtualEnv, Requests, Six, Simplejson, DateUtil, and MarkupSafe. These packages were selected not only because of their popularity but they also feature enterprise friendly licenses, an active community, and the fundamental capabilities they provide. Details on these packages include:

  • VirtualEnv – A tool used to create isolated Python environments, allowing multiple versions of dependencies on the same system without interfering with each other.
  • Requests – The most popular library for HTTP development.
  • Six – Supplies Python compatibility between the major versions of Python 2 and Python 3.
  • Simplejson – Helps with JSON development and is very important in API building and consumption.
  • DateUtil – Provides Python developers with an easy way to manipulate times and dates.
  • MarkupSafe – Allows for easy string handling of markup representations such as HTML/XHTML and XML.

This latest release of ActivePython also includes access to ActiveState’s polyglot IDE, Komodo. When users download ActivePython Community Edition, they will be offered a trial of Komodo IDE to experience the benefits of using an IDE tailored to Python. Purchasers of ActivePython Business Edition license will receive one license of Komodo IDE at no extra cost; with ActivePython Enterprise Edition, users receive a Komodo IDE 5-pack for their team for a truly seamless development experience.

“Komodo’s polyglot language capabilities make it a natural fit for large enterprises where the use of multiple development languages is the norm,” said Jeff Rouse, ActiveState Director of Product Management. “We have worked hard to make Komodo the de facto standard for enterprise IDEs, and by including it with the ActivePython download, we’ve made it even easier for our customers to access and use.”

Learn more and download the latest version of ActivePython here:

Learn more about “ActiveState Integrates Komodo IDE with ActivePerl and ActivePython to Enhance Languages for Developers”:

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