ActiveState launches new Tcl support & resources

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – September 24, 2001 – ActiveState, the leader in open source programming languages, now provides additional support and resources for Tcl. The Tcl Clinic is a commercial support service delivering technical expertise on Tcl and Tcl-related issues. The Tcl cookbook is a repository of rigorously reviewed Tcl recipes contributed by the Tcl community for the community, which are freely available for download.

Tcl, short for Tool Command Language, is a powerful interpreted programming language. It is crossplatform, open source, easy to use, embeddable and extensible. Tcl's flexibility, ease of use, and power has made it popular amongst numerous blue chip companies such as: AOL, Cisco, NBC, and GE.

"Tcl has proven to be the best scripting language for our automated testing environment for over a decade now. The number of Tcl users has grown from a few engineers to over thousands within our organization," said Hemang Lavana, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems.

The Tcl Cookbook is a new collaborative website, built by ActiveState, which hosts community contributions to The Art of Tcl Programming. Members of the Tcl community are invited to contribute code, comments, and ratings for recipes. This living collection allows programmers to be more productive with Tcl, and supplies a dynamic space for the rapid content development of a cookbook.

ActiveState's Tcl Clinic provides support for Tcl applications and internals on a wide range of platforms. Support is available on a per-incident basis, as a prepaid support contract, or through ActiveState's TclDirect.

"ActiveState has successfully managed to fill in the spot of providing Tcl support where Scriptics/Ajuba left off. With a response time of less than an hour, no matter what time of the day or night the support is requested, I wonder — do the Tcl developers at ActiveState ever sleep? I have been very much impressed with the current distribution of ActiveTcl and look forward to your future Tcl-based products," said Hemang Lavana, Cisco.

Other ActiveState Tcl initiatives comprise ActiveTcl, our free Tcl distribution, available for Linux, Solaris, and Windows; and our hosting of the primary Tcl community website. Future plans include Visual Tcl, full Tcl support in the Komodo IDE, and a ASPN Tcl.

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