ActiveState Offers Way to Ship Software Faster & Keep Control

Vancouver, BC, May 9, 2018 — ActiveState, a leader in providing commercial open source language distributions, announced today the release of its SaaS Platform for open source languages. The company leads the offering with the ability to implement runtime security for Python applications. IT Security & DevSecOps teams can reduce time to detect and resolve open source language issues. They can spot vulnerability, compliance and application integrity issues in real time.

The runtime solution helps security teams keep pace with development cycles without compromising security. The out-of-band runtime solution identifies issues in development before production and throughout the CI/CD chain. Companies decrease false positives and open source licensing risks.

“Four years ago we defined a new market, Private PaaS. Now we’re defining a new market for open source runtime solutions,” says Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState. “Our 20+ years of build engineering open source languages gives us unique visibility into the challenges enterprises face with agile development practices, specifically delivering applications faster without increasing risk. Our ActiveState Platform enables both.”

The solution is available at no additional cost to all Enterprise Edition license holders. Interested companies can contact or visit the webpage for more info.

Attendees of PyCon US 2018 can learn more during ActiveState’s workshop Managing Dependencies & Runtime Security, and at their booth, #329.

The runtime security solution will roll-out runtime verification of more open source languages like those ActiveState currently builds: Perl, Tcl, Ruby and Go. Runtime verification is the first building block of ActiveState’s SaaS Platform. The Platform solves the challenges enterprises face in the configuration, control, integrity and trust of open source languages.

About ActiveState,
ActiveState, the Open Source Languages Company, provides enterprise-level programming language distributions backed with cross-platform consistency, commercial technical support, security reviews, license reviews, and indemnification. ActiveState’s products and services directly address the challenges faced by enterprises transitioning into digital and algorithmic businesses.

Founded in 1997, ActiveState is uniquely positioned to help address these challenges through its experience with enterprises, developers and codes. The Company’s products include ActivePerl®, ActivePython®, ActiveTcl®, and ActiveGo®, and the popular Komodo IDE® development environment. More than two million developers and 97% of Fortune-1000 companies including CA, Cisco, Pepsi, Lockheed Martin and NASA use ActiveState’s solutions to save time, minimize risk and accelerate time to market. To learn more, visit

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Sandra Wear

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