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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – December 4, 2007 – ActiveState released an extension today that enables their award-winning Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit to speed social network application development. The free OpenSocial API extension is available from the Komodo Community site, and helps developers build great applications for OpenSocial communities like Friendster, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

The new OpenSocial API extension, built by the Komodo dev team, adds autocompletion for OpenSocial JavaScript and Google Gadget XML APIs to Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit. With this feature, developers working on OpenSocial applications don't need OpenSocial API expertise or need to constantly refer to the documentation to write great OpenSocial apps. The OpenSocial API speeds standards-based development using developers' existing JavaScript and XML knowledge.

Since the release of Komodo IDE 4.0 in January, the multi-platform development environment for open technologies has been easily extensible, allowing developers to add cool tools and custom features.

"Google's OpenSocial effort to bring social networking closer to a truly open system is fantastic," said Shane Caraveo, Komodo Lead at ActiveState. "ActiveState supports open standards on the Internet, such as the Open Web initiative to provide choice and freedom for users and application developers. To promote and support these efforts, the Komodo team at ActiveState added tools for OpenSocial APIs to Komodo."

ActiveState entered the social networking space earlier this year, inspired by their innate curiosity about technology and the web. The first initiative was developing and launching Up4, a popular social networking app that helps you spend more time with your friends.

"Komodo's a great development environment for social networking apps," said Simon Wex, Lead Provider of Ones and Zeros, ActiveState Social Networking Team. "The OpenSocial API extension for Komodo IDE means developers can create cool apps faster."

Developers can add the OpenSocial API extension to Komodo IDE or Komodo Edit from the Komodo Community site at https://community.activestate.com/addons.

About Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit

Komodo IDE is a powerful, multi-platform, multi-language IDE for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications. Komodo IDE makes creating robust web apps fast and easy, with a rich feature set for client-side Ajax technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and XML, coupled with advanced support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. Komodo IDE licenses are $295 US and a single license covers users across Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Learn more at www.activestate.com/komodo-ide.

Based on the award-winning Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit is a free, feature-rich editor for the full range of Komodo-supported dynamic languages and platforms. Learn more at www.activestate.com/komodo-edit.

About Up4

Up4 is a social networking application that encourages real-world interactions between friends using Facebook. Up4 users tell their friends when they are up for something and what kinds of activities they are up for. Up for the beach after work? Up for a show Friday night? Or just up for hanging out Sunday afternoon? Up4 users spend more time together in real life and get together with a wider circle of friends. For more information, visit apps.facebook.com/your-upfors/.

About ActiveState

ActiveState creates professional software development tools, programming language distributions and business solutions for dynamic languages, and practical tools and applications for social networking platforms. ActiveState solves complex problems and produces cool and useful applications that help people live more productive and enjoyable lives. ActiveState technology "just works." ActiveState is owned by its employees and Pender Financial Group, a publicly traded investment company focused on technology in British Columbia. For more information, visit www.activestate.com.

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