New Komodo IDE 9.3 Streamlines Developer WorkFlow

Vancouver, BC – November 4, 2015ActiveState, enabling developers and enterprises to innovate from code to cloud, today announced the newest Komodo IDE, focusing on a clean, integrated developer workflow. Komodo IDE 9.3 also continues its strong support for multiple languages, increasing developer productivity by allowing developers to code in their languages of choice.

Building upon the prior release that introduced tighter integration with Docker and Vagrant, the current release of Komodo increases developer productivity by providing a faster way to navigate the documentation for the codeintel-supported languages, shortcuts to quickly test bits of code, and better displays error messages for in-line syntax checking. The current release also supports the latest versions of PHP and Python, as well as new basic syntax highlighting support for Swift, Mustache, and R lang. Syntax highlighting and checking (linting) was also added for Lua.

Tom Radcliffe, Director of Engineering at ActiveState says, “As always, this release of Komodo includes a number of features that were a direct result of customer requests, and it also includes features that we – as developers – who use Komodo every day want it to have. Our focus is to make the whole process of programming easier, and ideally Komodo is more like an assistant than a tool, always on hand with the right codeintel or documentation for your favourite language, but never getting in your way.”

In addition to the added language support, features in Komodo IDE 9.3 include:

  • Documentation browser (IDE only): new keyboard-driven documentation browser for Komodo’s codeintel supported languages.
  • Run Code in-line (IDE only): quickly test bits of code by hitting a shortcut to run the current (unsaved) file or selection, and quickly review its results.
  • Quick Bookmarks: Ctrl+Shift+number creates a quick bookmark; Ctrl+number goes to that bookmark.
  • CSS CodeIntel: (limited) autocompletion and code browsing added for CSS, LESS and SCSS files; also works when editing HTML and using CSS classes or IDs in your markup.
  • In-line Syntax Checking: a small notification popup shows at the bottom right corner of your editor window when syntax errors or warnings occur.
  • Package Manager 2.0: fully manage all customizable aspects of Komodo including addons, skins, color schemes, languages and more.
  • Multiple Find Result Tabs: every search now opens in its own result tab; now also show an input field allowing you to search again with the same input but different search pattern.
  • Enhanced Multi-Caret Mode: Multiple Caret Mode is more flexible and allows for more complex actions than before (i.e. place multiple carets and move them with keyboard). Set multi-carets with Ctrl+click.
  • Embedded Find/Replace: Find and Replace has been significantly overhauled and is now part of the editor.
  • Quick Start on Tabs: When opening a new tab, a new view lets you pick what to do with the tab; i.e. new files, open files, new file from template, recent file, etc.
  • Much more including Elastic Tabstops, Auto-Wrap Code, Auto Multi-Caret for XML tags, Console Widget, new file icons, and tons of UX improvements.

A full list of the latest Komodo IDE features is available here:

To learn more, register for the upcoming webinar on November 19th, “An Overview of Komodo IDE“.

Download a free 21-day trial of Komodo IDE for Windows, Mac and Linux immediately:

About Komodo IDE
Komodo IDE by ActiveState is a powerful, full-featured multi-language IDE for Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, Node.js, Golang, Ruby, Perl, Tcl, and a variety of other languages and frameworks. Since 2000, Komodo has been designed with development in mind. Features include syntax checking, smart code and API assistance, code refactoring and code formatting, visual real time debugging, code profiling, regular expression helper, track changes, unit testing, version control system integration and more. Whether for teams or individuals, our flexible licensing options, cross-platform installers, and full feature set make Komodo the best IDE on the market today.

About ActiveState
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