Komodo IDE Features

Komodo IDE 12 is available – Komodo 12 is now integrated with the ActiveState Platform to build your language distribution automatically. Now you can use ActiveState’s CLI, the State Tool, to create new runtime projects, as well as add, remove and list all packages. See What’s New!

Check out some of the features in Komodo IDE to help you code smarter and faster in all your languages.

Advanced Editor

A powerful editor that makes development fast, fun and rewarding.

  • Track Changes
    A margin in the editor highlights unsaved changes, as well as any uncommitted SCC changes. Clicking on the margin will show a diff dialog allowing you to revert changes. Screencast
  • Multiple Selections
    Select multiple positions in the editor, so that changes made at one position will be reflected in all selected positions. Screencast
  • Quick Bookmarks
    Quickly place numeric bookmarks and go to them, allowing you to use bookmarks as more than just reminders.
  • Code Folding / Code Blocks
    Code folding, Column/block editing, Line/block commenting and more
  • Smart Language Detection
    Syntax checking and highlighting detects multiple languages within a file.
  • Split View and Multi-Window
    Split a session to edit side by side or in multiple windows.
  • Variable Highlighting
    Click on a variable to see all occurrences.
  • Auto Abbreviation Snippets
    Type an abbreviation to automatically trigger snippet selection. Screencast
  • Key Bindings
    Vi/Vim, emacs, OS X, Windows/Linux included. Screencast
  • Powerful Snippets, Macros and Userscripts
    Insert snippets with abbreviations. Use macros to automate repetitive sequences.
  • Conditional Snippets
    Use Embedded JavaScript to determine snippet contents at runtime.
  • Elastic Tabstops
    Komodo automatically indents your code as you type.

Code Intelligence

Be more productive with smart features that assist you while you code

  • Symbol Browser
    Quickly find symbols (classes, methods, etc) across your projects.
  • Code Refactoring
    Smart code transformation capabilities include Rename Variable, Rename Class Member, and Method Extraction. Screencast
  • Autocomplete and Calltips
    Supports many languages and detects multiple languages within a file.
  • Soft Characters, Matching Braces
    Auto-insertion of braces and highlighting of matching braces.
    Auto-Indentation and Auto-Formatting.
  • 3rd Party Library Support
    Included API catalogs enable autocomplete and calltips for libraries like PyWin32 and jQuery.
  • Sections List
    View and filter a list of your functions, classes or elements.
  • Code Browser
    Navigate source code structure in a hierarchical, collapsible view.
  • Go To Definition
    Jump to definitions variables, classes, etc.
  • DOM Viewer
    Inspect and edit DOM tree of XML and HTML docs.
  • XML Autocompletion
    Autocompletion for XML dialects can be added via DTD or RelaxNG Schema.

Graphical Debugging

Powerful tools for debugging and inspecting your code

  • Graphical Debugger
    PHP 4.4 – latest, Python 2.4 – latest, Perl 5.x, Ruby, Tcl 8.4 – latest, Node.js, XSLT
  • Chrome Debugging
    Debug web apps running in Google Chrome using Komodo
  • Breakpoint Configuration
    Set properties such as break on file, line, condition, function calls and returns, exceptions, etc.
  • Local and Remote Debugging
    Debug programs running on a remote server or unsupported platform.
  • RX Toolkit
    Create and debug regular expressions
  • Consolidated View
    View output, call stack, variables and watch variables in one pane.
  • Multithreaded Debugging
    Break multiple threads. Mozilla engineers use Komodo to debug Python buildbot code.
  • Multi-Process Debugging
    Debug multiple sessions simultaneously.
  • HTTP Inspector
    Inspect browser-server communications, ie. Ajax/HTTP
  • Changed Variable Highlighting
    Automatic highlighting of variables changed since last breakpoint.
  • Built on DBGp Protocol
    DBGp Protocol is co-authored by ActiveState and currently used in many IDEs.

Version Control and Integrated Tools

All the tools you need in one IDE

  • Build System Integrations
    Quickly run build system commands, integrates with PhoneGap, Cordova, Gulp, Grunt, npm, Yarn
  • Documentation Browser
    Allows you to quickly navigate the documentation for our codeintel supported languages.
  • Version Control Systems
    Support for Subversion, Mercurial, Git, CVS, Perforce and Bazaar.
  • Run Code In-Line
    Hit a shortcut to run the current the buffer using the configured interpreter, then quickly review its results.
  • Interactive Shells
    Available for Python, Ruby, Perl and Tcl.
  • Publishing
    Keep local and remote directories in sync.
  • Code Profiling
    Analyze performance for Python (2x and 3x) and PHP (5.2 or higher), with read support for Callgrind/Cachegrind and pstats formats.
  • Integrated Unit Testing
    Supports major frameworks such as PHPUnit (PHP), Prove (Perl), pytest (Python), RSPec (Ruby), Node.js and Go.
  • Package Manager Integration
    Easily manage your project dependencies right from Komodo, using nothing but your keyboard.
  • Toolbox
    Store snippets, macros, user scripts, shell commands, etc for easy access.
  • Database Explorer
    Examine database content for SQLite. Available extensions for MySQL and Oracle.
  • Browser Preview
    Preview in a separate window, in the Editor pane or in split view.
  • Perl Dev Kit, Tcl Dev Kit
    Deploy Perl and Tcl applications within Komodo.
  • Kopy.io Helper
    Easily share snippets of code with other people directly from Komodo.

Workflow and File Management

Define your own workflow with easy file and project navigation

  • Commando
    Provides fuzzy matching, match highlighting, search for files (find any file under a folder), toolbox search, bookmark integration, shortcuts (go-tool) integration as well as custom category filtering.
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation
    Breadcrumbs navigation bar shows the directory ancestors relative to the current editor file, allowing you to easily find and open related files.
  • Shell Commands
    Easily run shell commands right from Komodo using Commando.
  • Custom Workspaces
    Easily create your own custom workspaces and load them on the fly.
  • Open Files Side Pane
    New side pane organizes all your open files by language.
  • Notifications Panel
    Keep track of all processes in one place.
  • File Sorting and Grouping
    Sort and group the Open Files pane by language, file extension, directory and location.
  • Fast Open Shortcuts
    Create shortcuts to long file paths.
  • Minimap Navigation
    Reposition anywhere in your code from a high-level view.
  • Projects & Places
    Manage your projects in the left sidebar. View your file systems categorized by project.
  • History, Bookmarks, Braces
    Jump to previous and marked lines, and matching braces.
  • Notifications
    Shows messages upon triggered operations, allowing for intuitive use of the editor.
  • Slack Sharing
    Share code directly from Komodo to your Slack channel.

Add-Ons and Customization

Tons of add-ons for customizing and extending features

  • Console Pane
    The new Console pane allows you to interact with the Komodo runtime much in the same way as you would use your browser developer tools console to interact with a website.
  • Floating Side Panes
    Undock components and move them anywhere on screen.
  • Extensions/Add-Ons
    Over 100 add-ons available through our Firefox-based system.
  • Visual Styling
    Personalize with a wide variety of skins and iconsets.
  • Integrated Tools
    Extend support for additional Version Control Systems and databases.
  • Editor Features
    Customize and extend key bindings, syntax color schemes, auto-formatters and much more.
  • Autocomplete
    Extend support for additional languages, frameworks and libraries.

Dev Team Capabilities

Great tools for pair programming and collaboration

  • Code Collaboration
    Edit a document with multiple users simultaneously, no matter where they are.
  • Shared Toolbox
    Store common snippets, macros, userscripts, etc. via network share, source code control or the Publish feature.
  • Coding Standards and Control
    Keep shared work consistent with version control system integration and auto-formatting.
  • Extended Functionality
    Scale projects as required with extensions for integrated technologies.
  • Coding Standards
    Komodo’s Code Formatting feature helps teams keep their code looking consistent, readable, and maintainable. Configure third-party formatters, or your own, to quickly reformat selections or entire documents to conform to a specific coding style.
  • Easy Adoption
    It’s hard to convince a team of programmers who are strongly attached to their favorite editors or operating systems to buy into the idea of a standardized development environment. Komodo IDE has a number of advantages over other editors and IDEs which make team adoption easier.

Supported Languages

One IDE for all your languages

  • Syntax Highlighting
    ActionScript, Ada, Angular, Apache, APDL, ASN1, Assembler, AutoIt, Avenue, Baan, Bash, Batch, BlitzBasic, Bullant, C#, C++, CLW, CMake, Cobol, CoffeeScript, ConTeX, Csound, CSS, Diff, Django, Eiffel, EJS, Ember, epMojo, Erlang, Errors, ES6, EScript, Flagship, Forth, Fortran, Fortran 77, FreeBasic, Go, Gui4Cli, Haskell, HLSL, HTML, HTML5, IDL, Ini, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Kix, Komodo Snippet, LaravelBlade, LaTeX, Less, Lisp, Lot, Lout, Lua, Luddite, Makefile, Markdown, Mason, Matlab, Metapost, MMIXAL, MSSQL, MXML, MySQL, Nimrod, nnCrontab, Node.js, Nsis, Objective Caml, Octave, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PL-SQL, PostScript, POVRay, PowerBasic, PowerPro, PowerShell, PureBasic, Python, Python3, React, REBOL, Regex, reStructuredText, RHTML, Ruby, Sass, Scheme, Scriptol, SCSS, Smalltalk, Smarty, SML, Sorcus, Specman-E, SQL, TACL, TADS3, TAL, Tcl, TemplateToolkit, TeX, Text, TracWiki, Twig, TypeScript, VBScript, Verilog, VHDL, VisualBasic, XBL, XML, XSLT, XUL, YAML
  • Code Intelligence
    Python, PHP, Perl, Tcl, Go, Ruby, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, various web templates, and more
  • Debugging
    Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Node.js, Tcl, XSLT, Chrome
  • Unit Testing
    Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Node.js, Go
  • Added in Komodo 10
    React, Ember, Angular, TypeScript, ES6
  • Syntax Checking
    ActionScript, Bash, CoffeeScript, CSS, Django, EJS, ES6, Go, HTML, JSON, LESS, Lua, Mason, MXML, Node.js, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, RHTML, Ruby, SASS, SCSS, Tcl, TemplateToolkit, XBL, XML, XSLT, XUL