Perl for Zope Release Now Available

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – January 25, 2001 – ActiveState, the leading provider of Internet programming software and services, and Digital Creations, leaders in time-to-market-focused content management solutions today issued the first release of the Perl for Zope project. Under this partnership, ActiveState teamed with Digital Creations to add Perl, the Internet's most popular programming language to Zope, an open source application server written in Python. The release is open source and is available free for download at

"The addition of the power and popularity of Perl to Zope has provided an innovative platform for web development," says Dick Hardt, Founder and CEO of ActiveState. "We use Zope internally and find both our Perl and Python programmers like the option of using their language of choice and are therefore more productive with this enterprise-class web application server."

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