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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – December 20, 2000 – ActiveState’s beta release of Komodo now supports Windows and a tech preview version for Linux. Komodo is an integrated development environment that enables programmers to develop with Perl and Python using Mozilla as the application framework. Komodo is ideal for Web and GUI programming with a development environment that is easy to use and includes numerous timesaving features.

New features:

  • technology preview for Linux
  • additional keyboard shortcuts for debugging
  • customization available for editing, debugging and starting preferences
  • redesigned online help
  • greater control of debug sessions with command-line arguments
  • ability to send input to the debugged process
  • more integrated user interface

Komodo will in the future include support for JavaScript, XSLT, and other languages on a variety of platforms. It will be visible source and free for personal and educational use. Stay up to date with the Komodo mailing list and obtain your copy of the beta at Komodo download.

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