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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – October 16, 2001 – Curious to learn more about Web services and scripting languages? See why Perl and Python are the ideal languages for consuming, creating, and hosting Web services. Join us at our technical talk at the Web Services Edge conference, October 22-25 in Santa Clara.


Consume, Create, and Host Web Services Using Scripting Languages
Speaker: Paul Prescod, Technical Advisor, ActiveState
When: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 @ 4:30-5:30 pm
Where: Santa Clara Convention Center

Web Services are platform-independent software components programmatically accessible across the Web using Internet protocols. Future e-business applications will consume Web services, and programmers of these Web applications need ways to discover and invoke Web services. Similarly, programmers of Web services need ways to implement, deploy, and publish their software components as Web services. Scripting languages such as Perl and Python, with their extensive support of dynamic typing/binding and core facilities for Internet protocols & XML, not only provide a strong foundation for the rapid creation of Web services components, but also provide the glue for the seamless integration of Web services components in real applications. This session will explore APIs and IDE-based tools designed to make it easy for programmers to consume and create Web services using scripting languages. It will discuss and demonstrate how application developers can use these APIs and tools to compose, debug, and test Web-services-based applications, and how Web programmers can use these tools to easily build software components ready for Web services deployment.

Look forward to seeing you there! Can't make it? We're probably coming to a city near you soon. Check out our other events.

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