How To Create A Perl 5.32 Environment With The ActiveState Platform

how to create perl 532 environment

How To Create A Perl 5.32 Environment With The ActiveState Platform

In this video, we show you how easy it is to create a Perl 5.32 environment using the ActiveState Platform and then install it using our package manager, the State Tool.

Our newest Perl 5.32 release comes with a new feature called “bundles”,  these are commonly used dependencies that have been grouped together for typical use cases such as CLI development, testing or working with Windows. After selecting your dependencies and OS version, you are free to create your runtime and add any CPAN or Meta JSON file, add more package bundles or adding a single package.

The Platform automatically solves any dependency issues that may arise, however you are always free to choose which version of a package you wish to use. All that is left is to copy the command and paste it at a command prompt.

Give it a try, install the State Tool on Windows, Linux or macOS today. Here are some introductory guidelines to get you started on the right foot. ActiveState’s release of Perl 5.32  doesn’t require an account and is free to use for developers!

Follow along our demo video step by step and install a Perl environment in minutes! Learn more about Perl 5.32 by ActiveState here.

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