Announcing the ActiveState SaaS Platform for Open Source Languages

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Announcing the ActiveState SaaS Platform for Open Source Languages

ActiveState is reinventing build engineering with an enterprise platform that lets developers build, certify and resolve any open source language for any platform and any environment.

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Companies struggle with being agile because they’re working with archaic ways to build open-source languages and ship software continuously. They end up with poor application performance, legal risk, and security threats. At ActiveState, we’ve spent over 20 years working with companies like Microsoft, PepsiCo, NASA, and millions of developers around the world on their open-source language needs. We’ve built language distributions for Python, Go, Ruby, Perl, and even Tcl. And by turning build engineering on its head and automating it continuously and rapidly, we’re enabling enterprises to not only benefit from polyglot environment, but also get enhanced application performance, avoid legal risk, and mitigate threats. The result is accelerating how to update open-source language builds consistently across teams at scale, and this is exactly what we’re delivering with the ActiveState Platform.

With the ActiveState Platform, you can build, certify, and resolve open-source languages. You can build any language, for any platform, and for any environment. You can certify libraries against dependency management and security and compliance criteria, and you can resolve any issue by responding, rebuilding, and redeploying. Imagine – you’ll be able to empower your developers to focus on high-value work, and your management can see what threats or updates need to be addressed at a glance so you can make the right decision based on your corporate criteria.

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