Open Source Language Automation Primer: Industry Mega-Trends

Open Source Language Automation Primer: Industry Mega-Trends

Open Source Language Automation Primer: Industry Mega-Trends

“Polyglot is killing the enterprise. There is a void in the open source ecosystem when it comes to languages. And keeping open source language builds up to date at scale is virtually impossible.”

– Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState

ActiveState has defined Open Source Language Automation to help companies address the pain points of polyglot environments. We’ve crafted this four-part series to provide foundational knowledge for implementing Open Source Language Automation.

In part two of the series, ActiveState shares the eight key industry mega-trends it has observed in the advent of Open Source Language Automation.

  1. Innovation is driven by open source, but its proliferation creates code management challenges.
  2. The power shift to developers in the enterprise creates language/tech stack variants.
  3. Data and the desire for analytics are exploding in the enterprise.
  4. Multi and hybrid cloud strategies are driving a three-fold proliferation of tech stacks, management variants and challenges.
  5. The rate of change in design standards produces more enterprise cloud management complexity.
  6. Enterprise CEOs and executives are driving digital transformation to keep pace with and lead in their markets.
  7. Smart data privacy & security policies necessitate an understanding of what’s in the code.
  8. Agile development and DevOps are accelerating, which drives complexity in the management of tech stacks and reduces runtime application quality.

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