Quality Ingredients for Software Development
When it comes to software development, rely on pre-built and proven dynamic scripting languages ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl to give your team time to focus on core competencies and value-add.
he True Cost of Open Source Software
What is the total cost of ownership of open source? Why is open source so popular? What do I need to know to assess ROI on open source?
Avoiding the Epic Fail: Improving Software Development Success with ActivePerl
Software development is hard. No matter what the end product, many of the same stumbling blocks come up time and again and get in the way of project success. Some classic pitfalls include time restraints, insufficient in-house resources, scope creep, and spiraling development costs.
Ten Myths About Running Open Source Software in Your Business
When it comes to open source software, there are two camps: there are open source zealots who insist that Windows never works, and Linux is king, and then there are the naysayers who would sooner eat dirt than troubleshoot an Apache web server. So, who is right?
Follow the Leader: ActiveTcl on Routers and Network Appliances
The network infrastructure sector is a competitive space. Router and network appliance manufacturers are faced with the challenge of providing rock-solid hardware while making sure their devices are flexible and configurable enough to meet a wide range of user needs.
Open Source: What is the Total Cost of Ownership?
In 2005, Scott McNeely of Sun Microsystems quipped that open source software was "free like a puppy is free". Just as you can pick out a puppy from the pound without paying expensive breeder fees, you can download and use open source software without buying a single license. But puppies become dogs, and dogs need food, toys, training and lots and lots of love. The same goes for open source software.
Is Outsourcing the Answer in an Economic Downturn?
Is the finance sector's renewed vigor for outsourcing just a temporary cost-cutting measure? Or will today's tough economic climate initiate long-term financial and productivity gains?
Unveiling the Origins, Myths, Use and Benefits of Dynamic Languages: A Closer Look at Perl, Python, Tcl, and others
Over 57% of enterprises today use open source programming languages like Perl, Python and PHP based on a recent Forrester survey. Why are these languages becoming so prevalent?
Download the Paper How do innovative enterprises rely on dynamic languages such as Perl and Python to glue together sets of independent computer systems and ensure reliable and secure connections to their data stores?