ActivePython 2.7.13

ActivePython 2.7.13 has just been released, following in the footsteps of the community version released by the core team in mid-December. For this version of ActivePython we have included packages that support testing and code quality, such as Pytest and Pyflakes, as well as including some of the most popular packages like VirtualEnv, Six, and Requests.


What’s New In ActivePython 2.7.13

Python 2.7.13 has fixed a huge number of issues (all of the details can be seen here), but I did want to point out a couple of items. There are several security fixes in this update that are worth noting. CVE-2016-2183 which affects those applications using DES or Triple DES ciphers in the TLS, SSH, or IPSec protocols and CVE-2016-1000110 which required a fix to the Python CGIHandler class to avoid a potential malicious HTTP request attack. In addition, on MacOS Sierra 10.12 the coupling between the system installed Python and user-installed Python such as ActivePython or can break pip and other programs. This has been fixed by not including /Library/Python/site-packages to sys.path.

With ActivePython, we provide you an out-of-the-box Python distribution, so there is no need to mess around…just install and get started! You can download ActivePython Community Edition for free or learn more about licensing here.

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Jeff Rouse

Jeff Rouse

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