Python 2 Support Past End of Life

Support & Security Updates for Python 2.7

The Python Software Foundation sunset Python 2 on January 1, 2020.  End of Life (EOL) means there are no more official updates or security fixes, not even for critical security vulnerabilities.

ActiveState Extends Support for Python 2

ActiveState’s extended support offers our exclusive Python 2.7.18.x builds which include security patches addressing vulnerabilities identified in the core Python 2 release.

Vulnerabilities have also been addressed in 3rd party packages, reducing the risks to your software and organization from known exploits.

Learn about our full Python 2 Extended Support offering below.

Benefits of ActiveState Python 2.7.18.x

Python 2.7 core codebases will continue to become less reliable and more vulnerable to attacks as security issues continue to emerge.

ActiveState Python 2.7.18.x offers a secure solution to the following issues:

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Python 2 Extended Support From ActiveState

Python 2 Security Patches
Get updates for Python 2 core and third-party packages, including backported fixes from Python 3.

Updated Packages
New versions of Python 2 third-party packages.

Python 3 Migration Guidance
Expertise on Python 2 migration targets, and which Python 3 packages are suitably maintained and licensed.

Technical Support
Support for Windows, Linux, macOS and more. Communicate with us via phone, email and chat.

Supply Chain Security
Secure all your open source dependencies across dev, test and staging environments.

Enterprise service-level agreements to ensure protection against critical and high-severity CVE’s.

See our Python 2 Extended Support data sheet for more details.

Python 2 Community Edition

ActivePython 2.7.18 is available for Free.

For greater security and ongoing updates Contact Us for access to 2.7.18.x.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Along with BOM (Bill of Materials) management, ActiveState satisfied the internal needs of both engineering and DevOps. We gain speed, flexibility and engineering time, plus can better manage the risk of products running Python with a uniform and consistent approach.”

Raj Behera
Vice President Research and Development
MSC Software / Hexagon

Raj Behera - MSC Software

“By using ActivePython, we’ve been able to reclaim valuable time and resources facilitating both time and cost savings, while providing customers with a distinctly novel solution.”

Jaison Nellikkunnel
Senior Vice President, Software Development

Jaison Nellikkunnel

Additional Resources

Python 2 Threat In Your Supply Chain

If you’re still running Python 2 code in non-production, you need to realize that the Python 2 supply chain includes the ways in which Python 2 is involved in your build process, as well your development and testing environments.

python 2 in supply chain

Data Sheet – Python 2 Extended Support

Download our PDF data sheet outlining our Python 2 extended support offering, including details on Python 2 security fixes, technical support and migration/rewrite guidance.

Python 2 extended support Updated cover image

Python 2 CVE Updates

ActiveState has been evaluating and fixing known Python vulnerabilities that affect Python 2. These CVE’s can be reviewed for your internal remediation, or alternatively, are available as part of our extended support.

Python 2 CVE updates

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