Open Source Language Support: Security, Reliability and Peace of Mind

Lack of support for open source software often translates into security lapses, costly downtime, and disastrous loss of business reputation. 100% compatible with community open source code, ActiveState's language distributions offer guaranteed support SLAs and regular maintenance updates.

Open Source License Indemnification - Solution Sheet

As much as 95% of code bases incorporate undisclosed open source code. And despite best practices, there have been a number of high profile open source lawsuits against enterprises. ActiveState can help with the indemnification you need to protect your IP.

activego microservices

Building microservices in Go maximizes application scalability and performance while minimizing development costs. ActiveGo includes all the tools for building, scaling and managing microservices so you can get your applications to market faster.

ActiveGo Solution Sheet

Go has quickly become one of today's top programming languages, but enterprises are still concerned about open source license compliance, security and support. ActiveGo makes it easy to adopt Go with a standardized, pre-verified and supported Go distribution.

Datasheet ActivePython ML

Python has emerged as a key productizing tool for machine learning. ActivePython provides all the packages for data science and machine learning, and is also pre-optimized for computational performance to ensure productivity right out of the box.

ActivePython Datasheet

Python is one of the top 10 programming languages, but enterprises are challenged with variably licensed and maintained third-party components. ActivePython provides a standardized Python distribution to ensure license compliance, security, compatibility and performance.

For enterprises concerned with security, performance, and getting products to market faster, embedded applications are the right solution. ActiveState’s OEM products provide the features and functionality...

datasheet activeperl

Open source Perl isn’t quality assured or commercially supported. So, it may not be safe for business or mission-critical applications that must run effectively daily, weekly, even hourly. Don’t let Perl be a point of failure...  

ActiveTcl Datasheet

Like most open source projects, Tcl isn’t quality-assured or commercially supported. So it may not be safe for essential business applications that must run flawlessly around-the-clock. Don’t let Tcl be a point of failure for internal support systems, costing you in lost revenue and...