Datasheet: ActiveState Python vs Anaconda: 8 Advantages

8 Advantages of ActiveState Python
  • Both Anaconda and ActiveState Python are 100% compatible with open source Python, but ActiveState provides a far more secure and versatile implementation that can make your organization far more productive while ensuring your software supply chain remains uncompromised.
  • Migrating from Anaconda to ActiveState is as simple as installing a version of ActiveState Python along with the State Tool.
    • Where Anaconda users work with the Conda package manager, ActiveState users work with State Tool in order to install, update and manage your local Python environment.
    • In fact, because ActiveState Python installs into a virtual environment by default, you can run both Anaconda Python and ActiveState Python side by side to compare their capabilities while benefitting from ActiveState’s advantages.
ActiveState Python vs Anaconda Datasheet

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