Infographic: Secure Machine Learning with Cloudera

Secure Your Cloudera Data Science Platform With ActiveState

Cloudera, like Amazon Web Services, provides an end-to-end, cloud computing data science platform based on Jupyter Notebooks called CDP Machine Learning (CML). But when CML customers bring their own open source Python machine learning framework and libraries to CML, a number of issues arise:

  • Observability -> What open source packages am I consuming?
  • Commercial Compliance -> Am I compliant with the licensing standards of the open source packages? Am I indemnified against commercial copyright claims?
  • Maintenance -> Are the open source packages up to date?
  • Supply chain security -> are the packages directly downloaded form the from the Python ecosystem built securely?

On the other hand, when CML customers create a Python runtime on-demand using the ActiveState Platform and then package it in a Docker container for Linux operating systems, they gain:

  • Insight into the full manifest of open source Python packages and dependencies in the runtime environment
  • Real-time ability to identify and track outdated/vulnerable dependencies across a runtime’s lifecycle
  • CVE reports, software attestations and SBOMs for their Python runtime environments, helping to limit cybersecurity attacks

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As a result, security and developer personnel in security-conscious organizations can run their big data, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads securely.

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