Python 3.7 Support Past End of Life

Automatically upgrade your Python 3 application with a step-by-step process that helps ensure your code won’t break.

Python 3.7 has now reached End of Life.

No more official updates or security fixes will be released, not even for critical security vulnerabilities.

What does this mean for you?

  •  Final Python release cycle for version 3.7 is subject to emergent vulnerabilities.

  •  Loss of official support from the Python core team.

  •  Python version 3.7 applications 

  • become vulnerable to attacks that exploit security flaws.

  •  Python 3.7 core codebases become less performant and reliable issues and bugs continue to be found.

Our stepwise approach limits the amount of code that needs to be fixed at each stage.
With comprehensive code coverage in place, it’s possible to automate much of the upgrade process, dramatically lowering the opportunity cost of getting current, as well as staying current so you never get stuck on an EOL version of Python again
Get Python 3 Support

Get current and future-proof your Python 3 apps now and forever.

Benefits Of ActiveState Python 3.7

Python 3.7 Security Patches

Get security updates for Python 3.7 core and key, third-party PyPI packages.

Supply Chain Security

Automatically build your runtime environment securely from vetted source code using our SLSA Build Level 4 compliant Secure Build Service.

Technical Support

Enterprise service-level agreements for all popular operating systems, including Windows, Linux (including Ubuntu), macOS and more. Communicate with us via phone, email and chat.

Eliminate Dependency Hell

The ActiveState Platform automatically resolves all your runtime dependencies and transitive dependencies, or else tells you how you can manually fix conflicts.

Managed Builds

Let ActiveState manage your Python 3.7 dependencies on your behalf, migrating and rebuilding your runtime environment on newer versions of Python ready for you to install via command line or installers at any time.

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