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Who is Get Current, Stay Current For?

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You're responsible for security vulnerabilities

Outdated codebases leave your application susceptible to known vulnerabilities, opening your organization to attacks.

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Your applications aren't keeping up

The world is moving on, but your code and applications just aren't. You're missing out on new features and so are your customers.

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It's getting hard to recruit

Recruiting skilled developers is becoming a problem. They like innovating, not outdated codebases you're having them keep alive.

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You're managing a growing pile of tech debt

Your applications are alive...for now. How long can you keep them secure, bug free and working for your customers?

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Your maintenance costs are increasing

Outdated code is costing you more everyday. Workarounds need to be found and your devs spend their time fixing instead of coding.

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You can't scale your applications

Your organization can't take advantage of new language optimizations & improvements and your users are frustrated.

“ActiveState is so seamless that the business can function even with turnover and little training. The lights stay on and engineers don’t have to worry about what language they are using to add value.” 

– Ashish Saxena

Director of Engineering, Druva

Benefits of Get Current, Stay Current

ActiveState helps you automatically migrate and refactor your legacy applications

Determine how current you want your environment to be, whether it’s n-1, n-2 or the bleeding edge and make the jump.

As new Python versions are released, automatically update environments without breaking the build.

Your Code, Your Version

Bleeding edge or stable version – the choice is yours.


ActiveState helps you go where you need to be. By checking for updates based on your preferences, resolving dependencies, and providing a changes report that lists all possible impacts from breakages to count of vulnerabilities, before making the jump, removing the fear of updating.

Minimize Opportunity Costs

Stop wasting 30% of your sprint on addressing technical and security debt just to prop up an end of life codebase.


The ActiveState Platform takes care of the undifferentiated work, so that you developers can focus on innovative features that’ll grow your business and keep current customers happy.

Stop the cost ramp

Avoid the vicious circle of a codebase that’s getting more and more out of date and expensive by the day.


With the ActiveState Platform’s automated dependency resolution and code remediation, you can consistently apply incremental changes to your code. Updating your codebase doesn’t need to be painful.

See it in action

Future-proof your codebase today


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