Python upgrades without the breaking changes

Scan your code, get recommended updates, and enjoy automatic code refactoring.
Finally, scalable and secure upgrades without fear or frustration.

Trusted by 97% of Fortune 1000 companies.

Why you can’t put off upgrading any longer

You’re responsible for security vulnerabilities

Outdated codebases leave your application susceptible to known vulnerabilities, opening your organization to attacks.

Your applications aren’t keeping up

The world is moving on, but your code and applications just aren’t. You’re missing out on new features and so are your customers.

You’re living in dependency hell

Third-party code produced outside the organization makes it impossible to observe, assess, and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities. You’re crying out for a dependency management tool.

You’re managing a growing pile of tech debt

Your applications are alive…for now. How long can you keep them secure, bug free and working for your customers?

Your maintenance costs are increasing

Outdated code is costing you more everyday. Workarounds need to be found and your developers spend their time fixing instead of coding.

You can’t scale your applications

Your organization can’t take advantage of new language optimizations and your dependencies aren’t supported anymore which makes it harder to innovate and build new features for your users.

How your Python gets secure with ActiveState


Select your desired version

Indicate your current and desired Python version in the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll go over the migration process between these versions during the demo.


Import your repository

We’ll run an audit on your codebase to determine the difficulty of your migration process and provide a time estimate on getting the migration done. We’ll always provide you with full insights at every step from a summary of dependency changes to security impacts.


Upgrade via our migration process

Once you’re happy with the plan, we’ll take your codebase through our upgrade process. We break down all the changes into a series of pull requests that you can review and merge one by one, running your unit tests each step along the way.

When it’s done, your codebase will be working on your desired Python version!

How your Python stays secure with ActiveState

Automatic Version Updates

Set your desired update cadence and we’ll keep you informed when it’s time to take action. You’ll never miss another codebase update for Python or your package dependencies.

Vulnerability Notifications

You’ll receive a weekly email whenever a new vulnerability is detected in your codebase. You can also download reports on the severity and amount of vulnerabilities in your codebase.
Improve security and developer productivity across your organization

Stop the cost ramp

Avoid the vicious circle of a codebase that’s getting more and more out of date and expensive by the day.

With ActiveState’s platform automated dependency resolution and code remediation, you can consistently apply incremental changes to your code. Updating your codebase doesn’t need to be painful.

Cut undifferentiated work

Stop wasting 30% of your sprint on addressing technical and security debt just to prop up an end of life codebase.

The ActiveState platform takes care of the undifferentiated work, so that you developers can focus on innovative features that’ll grow your business and keep current customers happy.

Your Code, your version

Bleeding edge or stable version – the choice is yours.

ActiveState helps you go where you need to be. We check for updates based on your preferences, resolve dependencies, and provide a change report that lists all possible impacts from breakages to vulnerabilities.

Secure from the get-go

It can take 2 years to find security flaws in open source software, are you ok using vulnerable code for that long?

ActiveState is the only platform that builds packages from source, so you never have to blacklist packages again. When you use Python with ActiveState you’re not only upgrading to your preferred version, you’re also gaining a secure codebase.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers

How difficult is the migration process?

Migrating your Python codebase is often difficult because you need to be maintaining the current codebase and working on new features in addition to implementing the migration. As part of the process you will have to find all the areas which broke because of dependencies or changes in the way Python works. Next you will need to remediate them, it can be a large daunting list!

By using the ActiveState platform you can simplify and speed up the migration process. Along with our automatic code refactoring, our team of Python experts makes it easy to manage a migration in small incremental steps. This not only gets you closer to your goal but also reduces your vulnerabilities. With ActiveState you can focus on continuing to support your current customers and features instead of worrying about the migration.

ActiveState has been helping businesses for over 20 years. We know we can get your Python 2.7 codebase current and then keep it current. If you are using an older version of Python don’t fret we’ll be happy to give it a look!

To start the process we must have access to a working codebase, the list of existing dependencies, and unit tests. We will refactor any code which breaks with dependency updates and make sure that it passes the unit tests. We may need your input in certain circumstances to implement any final changes.

As an Enterprise customer you always have access to our team to answer your questions. During the migration we will also be interacting with you in your git-repository (such as GitHub) in order to get the migration branch(es) to the point they can be accepted and merged. Once your migration is complete your normal Enterprise customer support relationship will resume.


To learn more details about our support check out the docs:

Yes, if done properly. Code refactoring is changing the code without changing the functionality and requires a lot of expertise to do well. If successful, code refactoring reduces tech debt and vulnerabilities. As part of our Get Current, Stay Current solution, the ActiveState platform leverages AI to automate and simplify code refactoring to modernize your Python applications quickly and efficiently.

To start, our platform determines the optimal number of steps required to update your current version of Python to your desired one. As part of the update step, we calculate and build the dependencies and share a report which shows the impacts of those updates. Lastly, we leverage both AI and our in-house team of Python experts to review your code and address the breaking changes as a result of the dependency updates. This process eliminates the need for extensive research and testing to identify affected code and lets you focus on doing what you love, innovating!

Get secure, start your upgrade today!

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