ActivePerl: The #1 Perl Distribution

ActivePerl: The #1 Perl Distribution

ActivePerl: The #1 Perl Distribution

2021 Update: Perl 5.32 by ActiveState is the modern Perl experience. Offering automated dependency management, distributed parallel cloud builds of dependencies, team collaboration tools and a versatile CLI.

ActivePerl is the industry-standard, enterprise-level Perl distribution, offering a simple, standard way to distribute more than 4,500 pre-verified, patched and license-checked modules to all your teams.

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Perl: The Internet’s Duct Tape

Millions of coders at Fortune 500 to small businesses trust ActivePerl for writing quick scripts to highly sophisticated, mission-critical tasks. Whether it’s file wrangling, text manipulation, or process management, Perl’s simple yet powerful syntax lets developers perform system administration, scripting, network programming, and a wealth of other tasks quickly and efficiently, reducing project costs.

Perl has been and remains one of the most widely used interpreted languages for the past 20 years. This is due to its simple learning curve and prolific library of third party modules that make it easy to perform just about any task. Perl is widely available at no cost to coders as an open source programming language.

ActivePerl: Industry Standard

ActivePerl is the industry-standard, enterprise-level Perl distribution. ActivePerl is the solution of choice, whether you’re using Perl for mission-critical applications or open source projects. ActivePerl offers a simple, standard way to distribute more than 450 pre-verified, patched and license-checked modules to all your teams. It dramatically reduces the time and effort to compile and deploy open source Perl and ActivePerl’s Perl Package Manager (PPM) makes it simple to install, remove, upgrade, and manage thousands more curated, pre-compiled Perl modules, ensuring you can quickly enable your teams with the functionality they require.

Fail-Safe Perl For Enterprises

ActivePerl licenses cover everything from enterprise-level technical support and consulting to OEM redistribution rights to indemnification against IP infringement lawsuits. As a result, you can deploy your mission-critical applications with confidence, knowing you’re using the industry’s most secure, enterprise-grade Perl build. You can get priority access to our Perl experts for your Perl 5.x, 5.1x or 5.2x implementations via email and/or phone. Our staff has more than 20 years of expertise, and tens of thousands of man hours resolving technical issues so you don’t need to depend on overworked internal resources or public Perl communities to keep your development schedule on track.

ActivePerl: World’s Best Perl Distribution

  • 97% of Fortune 1000 companies trust us for their open source language distribution.
  • 450 modules, pre-verified, patched & license checked.
  • 20+ years of building open source languages.
  • Ensure compliance. Packages are validated against GPL and GNU licensing.
  • Decrease risk. Commercial-grade support and maintenance for mission critical applications.
  • Commercial support. Commercial-grade support and maintenance, as well as license indemnification.
  • Lower TCO. Standardized distribution decreases installation and deployment overhead.
Key Features and Functionality
Pre-compiled All of our >450 modules included have been pre-compiled and pre-integrated to ensure compatibility and optimization between all components.
Pre-verified All modules have been verified to ensure against outdated or vulnerable versions, as well as incompatibility or improper licensing.
Commercial Support & Maintenance Email and/or phone support with guaranteed response times, accompanied by regular maintenance releases, security patches and updates.
Indemnification Ensure against legal IP infringement and unwittingly violating third party license agreements.
Package Management ActivePerl’s Perl Package Manager (PPM) lets you install, remove, upgrade, and manage thousands of Perl modules from ActiveState’s online repository of compiled CPAN distributions.
Online and Offline Docs Extensive documentation for the base language, as well as included packages allow you to be productive while connected or disconnected.
Perl Versions ActivePerl is based on the Perl 5.x release, and is fully compatible with the community version.
Operating Systems Support for the latest releases of Mac OS, Windows and major Linux vendors, as well as IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris and HP-UX.
Form Factors Available as an OS-specific installer; an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) or as a Docker Container.
Custom Builds Custom-built versions of ActivePerl featuring the packages/versions you need on the platform/environment you run.
Popular Modules (More than 450 in total)
Sample Core Modules DBD::ODBC, DBD::Oracle, Net::FTP, Net::Telnet, XML::Parser, HTML::Parser, Crypt::SSLeay, Algorithm::Diff, Text::Diff, Date::Calc, Perl::Critic, Devel::NYTProf, Moose, etc.
Sample Perl Package Manage Modules DateTime, TimeDate, Parse-RecDescent, Email-Simple, MailTools, MIME-tools, MIME-Types, XML-Twig, XML-SAX, List-MoreUtils, IO-stringy, Try-Tiny, Spreadsheet-ParseExcel, Spreadsheet-WriteExcel, Crypt-DES, Crypt-Blowfish, Crypt-DSA, etc.

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