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Data Sheet - Software Attestations

Datasheet: ActiveState Software Attestations

Learn how ActiveState can generate a signed attestation for your open source components, helping you establish customer trust.

Infographic - How ActiveState Fits in the Development Process

Infographic: How ActiveState Fits in the Development Process

The ActiveState Platform integrates with your existing workflow, providing runtimes built securely from source code that feed directly into your dev and CI/CD environments.

ActiveState Artifact Repository Use Cases

ActiveState Artifact Repository Use Cases

Learn key use cases for the ActiveState Artifact Repository such as fostering open source supply chain security, and having a centralized, curated catalog of Python wheels.

Infographic - Typosquatting vs. Dependency Confusion

Infographic: Typosquatting vs. Dependency Confusion

Know your software supply chain threats: the difference between typosquatting and dependency confusion explained in a simple infographic.

Datasheet: Which ActiveState Pricing Plan Is Right for Me

Datasheet: Which Pricing Plan Is Right for Me?

The ActiveState Platform automatically builds open source packages securely from source code. Choose the plan (Free, Team or Enterprise) that best suits the needs and size of your organization.

managed distributions Cover

Datasheet: Dependency Vendoring Without the Work – ActiveState Managed Distributions

Learn how you could enhance the productivity and efficiency of your teams by outsourcing your dependency management.

ActiveState Ruby on Rails for WebApps

Datasheet: ActiveState Ruby on Rails for Web Applications

Configure and automatically build a secure Rails environment from source code for Windows and Linux in a matter of minutes.

Ruby from activestate

Datasheet: Web Development With the Industry’s Most Trusted Vendor for Ruby

ActiveState Ruby is available via our ActiveState Platform, which contains its own catalog of over 100,000 of the most popular RubyGems.

Healthcare software supply chain

Data Sheet: Three Ways Healthcare Can Secure their Software Supply Chain

As medical processes continue to become digitalized, here's how healthcare leaders and their solution vendors can protect their software supply chain.