ActiveState Ruby on Rails for WebApps

Datasheet: ActiveState Ruby on Rails for Web Applications

Configure and automatically build a secure Rails environment from source code for Windows and Linux in a matter of minutes.

Ruby from activestate

Datasheet: Web Development With the Industry’s Most Trusted Vendor for Ruby

ActiveState Ruby is available via our ActiveState Platform, which contains its own catalog of over 100,000 of the most popular RubyGems.

Healthcare software supply chain

Data Sheet: Three Ways Healthcare Can Secure their Software Supply Chain

As medical processes continue to become digitalized, here's how healthcare leaders and their solution vendors can protect their software supply chain.

artifactory solution sheet

Solution Sheet: Trusted Artifact Subscription for JFrog Artifactory

Reduce Artifactory maintenance effort for open source language artifacts, improve security, foster innovation, and decrease time to market.

security survey report cover

Survey Report: State of Software Supply Chain Security

Get the key supply chain security insights for software professionals in 2022 using this 3SC survey report from ActiveState

ActiveState Platform’s Hosted Artifact Repository

Data Sheet: ActiveState Platform’s Hosted Artifact Repository

Read how you can use the ActiveState Platform's hosted artifact repository to easily maintain your Python Wheels and secure your dev environments.

datasheet python build service

Data Sheet: ActiveState Platform’s Secure Build Service

Read how you can use the ActiveState Platform to secure your builds and as a result secure the weakest link in your software supply chain.

ciso guide supply chain security

Data Sheet: InfoSec guide to software supply chain security

A checklist of controls to help InfoSec evaluate the security of their own software supply chain and of the software vendors they use and trust.

devsecops overview cover

Data Sheet: Shifting Security Left with the ActiveState Platform

Cyberattacks on dev and test environments are on the rise. Learn how you can shift security left without disrupting your Dev, DevOps and SecOps personnel.