ActivePython vs Anaconda: The ActiveState Advantage for Anaconda Users

ActiveState provides commercially-supported Python distributions similar to Anaconda via our ActiveState Platform. But ActivePython provides a number of key differences when you are looking for an alternative to Anaconda. Download this comparison sheet to see why.

Tired of building Python packages by hand? Or maybe you need support for more packages than Anaconda provides out of the box? ActiveState has you covered — at half the annual cost!

We’ve built a Python distribution just like Anaconda, but with a number of key differences. Gain more production nodes, support for any number of Python builds, restorable environments, and more. Download the ActivePython vs Anaconda comparison sheet to understand how ActiveState provides more for less when it comes to your organization’s Python needs.


Each version of ActivePython for Anaconda Users comes with a version of Python, as well as most of the packages included in the Anaconda Individual Edition. Download ActivePython for Anaconda for free today for Windows or Linux.

ActiveState also has comparable offerings at the Anaconda Scale and Strategic levels, as well. For more information on pricing, refer to our ActiveState Platform Pricing or else contact Sales.

Suhani S