ActiveState Launches Python Package Manager Index (PyPM Index)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – November 3, 2010 – ActiveState, the dynamic language experts offering solutions for Perl, Python, and Tcl, has launched its Python Package Manager Index (PyPM Index) to give developers a more complete picture of Python build information and package availability across multiple platforms. PyPM Index shows developers instantly if Python packages they need are available for all the platforms they must deploy on, providing critical information to speed up the design phase of development. With PyPM Index, developers now have direct access via the web to search PyPM repositories (collections of ActivePython packages).

Total packages on PyPM Index number over 7,000 and provide build version and OS-specific information, detailed documentation beyond just package author documentation, data from ActiveState on nightly builds and which platforms the package runs on, plus package dependencies. It also enables developers to easily see which Python packages are available through ActivePython Community Edition, and which are only available in paid editions (Business, Enterprise Edition).

“When it comes to enterprise level development, it’s about quality and efficiency. We have spent extra time and effort developing PyPM Index to provide the most comprehensive picture of Python package availability and dependencies across platforms. Knowing which platforms packages are successfully built on and having them readily available to deploy from ActiveState’s PyPM repositories enables developers to avoid wasting time and making bad design decisions,” said Diane Mueller, Director, Enterprise Product Management, ActiveState. “PyPM Index allows you to find packages instantly, view most popular and recent additions, understand dependencies, deploy the right version of packages for your OS, and even share information about packages via Twitter.”

In addition to the many pre-built packages already included in the ActivePython repository, PyPM Index also lists package information for hundreds of packages from’s PyPI repository that failed to build successfully to assist developers with build failure information as well.

Installing Python packages with ActivePython PyPM Saves Time

ActiveState’s ActivePython distributions offer significant time savings for enterprises when compared with unsupported open source Python for searching, installing, removing, upgrading, and managing Python packages. All ActivePython distributions include PyPM, ActiveState’s powerful package management utility that provides command line or GUI access to all packages available through PyPM Index. It simplifies the task of locating, installing, upgrading and removing Python packages, whether accessed through the Internet or a local network.

To access and start using the PyPM Index now:

For further information on ActivePython Business & Enterprise Editions, visit:

About ActiveState

ActiveState is the world leader in enabling companies to develop, manage, and distribute applications with dynamic languages. The company’s products and services for Perl, Python, Tcl and other web languages, are used by over 2 million developers and 97% of the Fortune 1000 to build and run applications from mission-critical to open source projects. ActiveState’s end-to-end solutions include development tools, language distributions, indemnification, OEM solutions, support and other services. With these, customers such as Cisco, CA, HP, Bank of America, Siemens, and Lockheed Martin are able to accelerate productivity, minimize risk, and ensure compliance. Find out more at

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