ActiveState Named Cloud Foundry Community Lead for Python, Enhances Stackato with Enterprise Features

Vancouver, BC – August 25, 2011 – ActiveState, the dynamic language experts offering solutions for Perl, Python, Tcl and other web languages, has been selected by VMware as its Cloud Foundry Community Lead Partner for Python and is announcing a range of enterprise-grade enhancements for the Stackato cloud platform. Currently in Beta, Stackato is the industry’s first cloud application platform for creating a private PaaS, based on VMware’s Cloud Foundry open source project.

As the Community Lead Partner for Python, ActiveState is extending the Cloud Foundry open source project by contributing and maintaining code enhancements to support Python, Django and other Python web frameworks. ActiveState will continue to provide Python updates and support via

Enterprise features added to Stackato include:

  • Integration with VMware’s cloud infrastructure to run on vSphere, and be managed and monitored with vCenter
  • Extended data services with PostgreSQL
  • Extended languages with Python, Perl, and related web frameworks
  • Data migration tool to migrate existing application with minimal re-engineering
  • Application lifecycle management feature enhancements to stage and update applications with minimal downtime
  • Deploy to cloud from desktop through Komodo IDE
  • Support for scalable multi-instance deployments
  • Enhanced security

“We are excited to welcome ActiveState as our Community Lead Partner for Python. ActiveState has a long standing reputation for excellence with Python, so the Cloud Foundry community will immediately benefit,” said Jerry Chen, Vice President, Cloud & Application Services at VMware. “Cloud Foundry provides the flexibility and extensibility that developers need in a PaaS solution, so we are pleased that ActiveState has quickly adopted it and will be sharing their expertise back with the community.”

“We are honored to be selected by VMware to take a lead role in the Cloud Foundry community. With our long history of working with open source projects, we feel we can provide value quickly,” said Bart Copeland, President & CEO at ActiveState. “We have also worked hard to provide value to enterprise users who want the benefits of the cloud and a PaaS, but need it in a private environment. Stackato offers developers the freedom of choice, but IT departments can offer the PaaS on their terms and leverage their existing VMware infrastructure and investments.”

With Stackato, vSphere customers can turn their virtualization platforms or private clouds into a full PaaS in a private, secure, scalable cloud. Developers simply push code from their desktop client and Stackato manages all of the application’s dependencies, creates the data services needed and deploys it. Stackato’s 3-step process enables developers to deploy applications to the cloud in under 15 minutes. Stackato is also available as a micro cloud for desktop use, distributed in three VM formats, vSphere (OVF), Fusion (VMDK) and VirtualBox.

Availability and Further Information

ActiveState’s Python contributions in Cloud Foundry are available immediately.

Stackato was launched as Developer Preview in May 2011 and is currently in Beta.

About ActiveState

ActiveState is the world leader in development, management, distribution, and cloud solutions for dynamic language applications. The company’s products and services for Perl, Python, Tcl and other web languages are used by over 2 million developers and 97% of the Fortune 1000 to build and run applications from mission-critical to open source projects. ActiveState’s end-to-end solutions include development tools, language distributions, a cloud platform, indemnification, OEM solutions, support and other services. With these, customers such as Cisco, CA, HP, Bank of America, Siemens, and Lockheed Martin are able to accelerate productivity, minimize risk, and ensure compliance. Find out more at


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