ActiveState Releases Komodo 3.0

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – July 27, 2004 – ActiveState, the leading provider of development tools and services for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl and XSLT, today announced Komodo 3.0, the new major release of its professional IDE for dynamic languages. The announcement, made at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference, details Komodo’s new capabilities for rapidly building high-quality code, and demonstrates ActiveState’s continued commitment to professional tools that facilitate the unique abilities of dynamic languages.

Komodo 3.0 builds on the foundation of previous releases, with the addition of deep object and code browsing, and a new debugger (built on the open source DBGP protocol, co-authored by ActiveState), tightly integrated with the new multi-language interactive shell. A host of other enhancements include multi-user support, broad customization, powerful automation (including macros and triggers), improved Rx (regular expression) Toolkit, and emacs key bindings.

Rich Words, infrastructure analyst at John Deere & Company, comments: “Komodo 3.0 has reduced the time, complexity and potential errors associated with developing our administrative systems. It’s very flexible, readily adapting to our changing requirements. We use Komodo every day, and are especially impressed with Komodo 3.0’s ease-of-use and debugging. We’re extremely happy with it.”

New in Komodo 3.0

  • Code browser and object browser Increases developer productivity by facilitating easier code browsing.
  • Interactive shell (Perl, Python & Tcl) Allows developers to work smarter through testing, exploring and prototyping code in an interactive way.
  • New debugging system Helps understand and fix bugs through a new system based on DBGP (an open debugger protocol standard). New capabilities include multi-session debugging, interactive debugging, enhanced variable viewers and a breakpoint manager.
  • Workgroup support Facilitates collaboration through a “Shared Toolbox” so team-specific customizations can be shared between multiple users.
  • Find in files Increases developer efficiency through allowing users to quickly search directories for files containing particular patterns.
  • Rx Toolkit Redesigned from the ground up, the new tool kit supports Match, Match All, Replace, and Replace All.
  • Extensibility Users can customize Komodo 3.0’s interface and add menus and toolbars based on entries in the toolbox or loaded projects.
  • Macros and triggers Reworked to allow easier recording, saving and editing of macros. The macro system allows power-users “deep” access into Komodo features, using familiar programming languages.

“Komodo 3.0 offers a tremendous range of features across popular open source languages. There’s something for everyone.” said Shane Caraveo, Komodo Technical Lead at ActiveState. “Whether you’re creating Python end-user applications or Perl reporting scripts, coding PHP for websites, or remotely managing Tcl programs, Komodo can help.”

Komodo offers a powerful workspace for editing, debugging and testing applications, with advanced support for Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl and XSLT, on Linux, Solaris and Windows. Features include a customizable language-aware editor, extensible workspace, source code control integration, web technologies support (including CGI, XML & XSLT), a powerful regular expression toolkit, and comprehensive debugging support.

Komodo 3.0 Pro, for professional programmers, offers launch special pricing of $245, until August 30, 2004 (regular price: $295). Komodo 3.0 Personal, for educational or non-commercial use, is $29.50. Promotional upgrade pricing is also available.

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