Komodo IDE 4.3 Boasts Best Find & Replace System

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 6, 2008 – After an award-winning major release a year ago, ActiveState’s Komodo IDE continues its evolution with major new features and improvements in Komodo IDE 4.3, released today. The integrated development environment (IDE) for dynamic languages added powerful Find in Project and Replace in Files features, new Unit Testing integration, improved Source Code Control, and an Abbreviation feature in addition to performance improvements.

Komodo IDE’s Find and Replace functionality has been completely redesigned for version 4.3 and new features have been added, including Find in Project, Replace in Files, multi-line Find and Replace, fixes for regular expression searches, and a new Find back end that properly handles Unicode-encoded files and skipping binary files.

“Komodo IDE now has the best Find and Replace system of any editor,” said Komodo Product Manager Shane Caraveo. “With a fast and simple means to find code snippets and make global code changes, plus a preview and an undo to make it safe, Komodo IDE makes it easier for developers to navigate their work and adjustments quickly.”

Today’s release of Komodo IDE 4.3 also offers a new Unit Testing interface for Perl, PHP, Ruby, and Python, allowing developers to run their test suites within Komodo IDE to find failure points in their source code fast. The new Abbreviations feature inserts snippets from the Toolbox at the touch of a key; several useful default snippets are included, and additional snippets can be added easily.

Komodo IDE 4.3 includes reams of bug fixes and performance improvements for all the supported languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, and JavaScript), impressing users of even the more obscure capabilities:

“I have been using Komodo IDE 4.3 and have been very impressed with it,” said Simon Geard, Technical Lead at Quintic: A Division of CAD Schroer UK Ltd. “I mainly use it with tcl/tk and Fortran–probably regarded as a little off the beaten track! Support for the new version of tcl–8.5–is now very good. I would recommend without reservation Komodo IDE to anyone developing in a scripting language.”

Komodo IDE left the also-ran segment of the IDE population with the release of Komodo IDE 4.0 in January 2007. The first major release in three years, Komodo IDE 4.0 was invigorated with capabilities for browser, server and in-between, including editing & debugging support for Ajax technologies and new tools for web development. These new features plus major bug fixes and the addition of Firefox-style extensibility have shifted Komodo from being a good compromise for multi-language developers to being a powerful, customizable, and desirable tool set for team development.

“As a programming languages addict and a scripting guy by heart, I really love Komodo,” said programmer Bruno Gomes. “I use it to write Python, Perl, and Ruby scripts. If I had to point out two features that I like the most, it would be the “Interact” functionality when debugging (the first time I used it, I couldn’t believe how much easier my life was going to be) and the Vi key bindings. In fact, the single reason that made me upgrade to Komodo 4.0 was the Vi support.”

Komodo IDE 4.3 is $295 US (student and volume discounts are available). The update to 4.3 is free for all Komodo IDE 4.x license holders.

About Komodo IDE

ActiveState’s Komodo IDE 4.3 helps developers create great applications using dynamic languages and open technologies.

Award-winning tools for debugging, code intelligence, visual code navigation and the regular expression toolkit help developers write cleaner code faster, while source code control integration, a project manager and multi-user support assist in team development.

With improved performance for all supported languages (including Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML), simple Firefox-style extensibility, and flexible multi-platform licensing for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, Komodo IDE has developed smart tools with developer freedom and choice in mind. Learn more at www.activestate.com/komodo-ide.

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ActiveState creates professional software development tools, programming language distributions, and business solutions for dynamic languages, and practical tools and applications for social networking platforms. ActiveState solves complex problems and produces cool and useful applications that help people live more productive and enjoyable lives. ActiveState technology “just works.” ActiveState is owned by its employees and Pender Financial Group, a publicly traded investment company focused on technology in British Columbia. For more information, visit www.activestate.com.

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