Python 2.7

Enterprises may feel like they are locked into a legacy version of Python "forever"...or until they find their application becomes obsolete or the cost to maintain it is greater than the cost to rewrite it.

However, staying on an unsupported open source version of Python 2.7 for your business and mission-critical systems comes with some risk--enterprises need to be ready for new vulnerabilities that may emerge in the older code base.

With the official end-of-life date for the Python 2 series scheduled for 2020, large enterprises will have to find ways to get support for this series. We understand there will be some difficulty in transitioning from an older code base, so ActiveState is here to help.

Support for Python 2.7 and older

Since the community will not be continuously backporting security fixes after the end-of-life date, enterprises look to ActiveState for support in order to keep their business and mission-critical systems up and running by using ActivePython for their Python 2.7 distribution.

If you are using this or another legacy version of Python in production and you're looking for commercial support, contact us to find out more about Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. ActivePython is available for Python 2.5, Python 2.6, and Python 2.7 distributions for Windows, Linux and macOS.

We can provide you with commercial support for your systems using legacy Python or during your transition to the Python 3 series.

Looking for Python 2.7 on AIX? If you require builds for operating systems such as AIX, Solaris, or HPUX, contact us about Enterprise Edition.

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