Last Updated: July 5, 2019

“Must-Have” Python Packages for Finance Survey

Recently the US Securities and Exchange Commission issued a proposal that, in addition to the English narratives, Asset-backed securities issuers also file a Python computer program to document the flow of funds (or waterfall) provisions of the transaction.

We are reaching out to you Python developers and the Python developer community about your “Must-Have” Python Packages for Finance!

This survey is short and sweet and should take you about 2 minutes to complete!

We will share the results in the next few weeks so stay tuned for an upcoming blog….

Take the Must-Have Python Packages for Finance Survey now!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to participate!

Title image courtesy of Andreas Breitling on Pixabay.

Liliya Apostolova

Liliya Apostolova

Liliya Apostolova is ActiveState's marketing communications manager. Her specialty is progressive product marketing and communications for hi-tech companies. She earned her B.Comm degree from the University of British Columbia with a major in marketing and a certificate from Pragmatic Marketing.