New PyPM Index Live | Search for Python Packages (Python Modules)

Based on feedback from alot of you, we are pleased to announce the availability of the brand new PyPM Index, a new site and search tool that allows you to search our ActivePython repository of over 7,000 Python packages (Python modules). You can search by name, metadata tags, or browse by category, then view all the information you need about a specific Python package in one place: which operating systems/platforms it’s supported on, dependencies, extended documentation (more than the package author docs), and which edition of ActivePython it’s available in.

With PyPM Index, we wanted to give you the most complete picture of Python package information and availability across multiple platforms. Use this tool during your design phase so you have complete understanding of which packages to use, by version and operating system – to make sure you’re not wasting time or making bad decisions early on.

It contains PyPM repositories that are automatically built from the Python packages uploaded to’s PyPI along with a selection of additional packages from github, sourceforge and other locations based on best practices, customer demand and package inter-dependencies.

With PyPM Index, you now have direct access via any web browser to search our PyPM repositories complete with nightly build information. And we also list package information for hundreds packages that are listed in’s PyPI repository that failed to build successfully – because sometimes there’s more to learn from failures than you might suspect!

Here’s what you can do with PyPM Index:

  • See the most popular and recent additions to the repository
  • View module dependencies and release availability
  • Deploy the right version of Python packages/modules for your operating system
  • Make informed design decisions based on platform availability and dependencies of Python modules
  • Share information about your favorite modules via Twitter

Get started searching PyPM Index! Tell us what you think of this new index, and let us know if there are additional packages you would like to see made available.

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