Saving the world from economic collapse with Python?

Saving the World from Economic Collapse with Python?

Today we announced that ActivePython now includes NumPy,SciPy, and matplotlib in ActivePython Business, Enterprise, and OEM Editions. What does this mean for you as a developer and as an investor?
Not only did these come up as the top must-have Python packages for finance, but it gives developers and quants in the finance sector the building blocks to get ready to comply with the SEC’s proposal regarding Python. With NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib, you now have the packages necessary to build the type of apps that will be able to leverage the SEC’s proposed asset-backed securities (ABS) Python financial models. These apps will help investors, traders, fund managers, risk managers, etc… evaluate, value, and visualize if-then scenarios to assess risk in asset-backed securities, rather than having to leaf through thousands of pages of prose. The new sheriffs on Wall Street are trying to bring a little more transparency for investors. Here’s to hoping that this will help pros that are investing the nation’s money know what’s actually inside these complex products so we can avert future economic collapses!
Title image courtesy of Pixabay.

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