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3 Steps to Software Supply Chain Security Success in 2023

Learn 3 steps to secure your software supply chain and achieve compliance with U.S. government requirements.
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ActiveState PyData Ireland Meetup
Welcome to the ActiveState PyData Ireland Meetup! Join us for an exciting journey into the world of data science with Python at the ActiveState PyData ...
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Webinar - Outsourcing Your Open Source Pains
Outsourcing Open Source Pains: Delivering Business Value With Minimized Risk
Organizations should be focusing on delivering business value, not maintaining open source security and upgrades. Learn how outsourcing can automatically keep you up-to-date, reclaim dev ...
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Outsourced Software Supply Chain Infographic
Infographic: Outsourced Software Supply Chain Risk Management
For organizations that regularly update their software supply chain,  tedious and repetitive maintenance tasks can take up to 30% of developer time, significantly hampering productivity.   This ...
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Webinar - Securing Python and Open Source Ecosystems
Securing Python and Open Source Ecosystems
Dustin Ingram, Fellow at the Python Software Foundation (PSF), joins us to discuss trust and security for PyPI and other repositories in light of recent ...
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Webinar - Future-Proofing Your Codebase With the Help of Auto-Refactoring
Future-Proofing Your Codebase With the Help of Auto-Refactoring
Stuck on legacy codebases but scared of updates breaking your app? Learn how auto-refactoring can help you leap to the latest Python and dependency versions ...
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Webinar - Walking Dead Past Python EOL
Walking Dead Past Python EOL
Stuck living with zombie applications running on Python 2, 3.7 or other past-EOL software? Learn the case for maintaining vs. upgrading, and how you can ...
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Webinar - Breaking Cybersecurity Bad Habits
Breaking Cybersecurity Bad Habits: A DevOps Perspective
With SEC and new US litigation risks, it’s time to kick cybersecurity bad habits. Get a DevOps leader’s perspective on using open source in an ...
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Webinar - Make Open Source Suck Less in 2024
Remove the Pains of Package & Environment Management
Learn why open source package and environment management tools fail at reproducibility, security and dependency management, and how you can get out of “dependency hell” ...
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Perl End of Life Extended Support
ActiveState’s commercially supported Perl distribution is used by millions of developers worldwide, and is 100% compatible with open source Perl. ActiveState continues to provide security ...
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Protect Your Perl: November 2023 CVEs
On November 25, 2023, the Perl language developers uncovered crucial information regarding two vulnerabilities in recent language releases. Your system’s safety is paramount, and we’re ...
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Navigating Your Software Supply Chain Journey: 5 Stages to Success
2023 has seen twice as many software supply chain attacks as the past three years combined. Now is the time for organizations to have a ...
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ActiveState Software Supply Chain Security
Learn how the ActiveState platform can help ensure the security and integrity of the components and processes in use across your software development lifecycle.
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