Python Packages

Python Packages for Data Science, Web Development, Web Development, Machine Learning, Code Quality and Security

ActivePython includes over 300 of the most popular Python packages. We’ve built the hard-to-build packages so you don’t have to waste time on configuration…get started right away!

The list below is a just a sample of the packages included, for a complete list visit the docs for ActivePython 2.7 or docs for ActivePython 3.5

Data Science/Big Data/Machine Learning

  • pandas (data analysis)
  • NumPy (multi-dimensional arrays)
  • SciPy (algorithms to use with numpy)
  • matplotlib (data visualization)
  • HDF5 (store & manipulate data)
  • PyTables (managing HDF5 datasets)
  • Jupyter (research collaboration)
  • IPython (powerful shell)
  • HDFS (C/C++ wrapper for Hadoop)
  • pymongo (MongoDB driver)
  • SQLAlchemy (Python SQL Toolkit)
  • redis (Redis access libraries)
  • pyMySQL (MySQL connector)
  • scikit-learn (machine learning algorithms)
  • TensorFlow (deep learning with neural networks)*
  • theano (deep learning with neural networks)
  • keras (high-level neural networks API)
  • bokeh (data visualization)
  • seaborn (data visualization)
  • dask (data engineering)
  • airflow (data engineering)
  • luigi (data engineering)
  • elasticsearch (data search engine)

Cloud and Web Application Development

  • Django (web framework)
  • flask (web framework – microservices)
  • tornado (web framework and networking)
  • requests (web dev library)
  • AWS SDK (Amazon cloud)
  • google-cloud (Google Cloud)
  • simplejson (json library)
  • Twisted (asynchronous networking)
  • urllib3 (HTTP w/ connection pooling)
  • jinja2 (template engine)
  • s3transfer (AWS S3)

Code Quality/Testing

  • pytest (testing)
  • nose (testing)
  • selenium (testing)
  • flake8 (code quality)
  • coverage (test coverage)
  • Developer Utilities
  • pytz (time zone library)
  • PyYAML(YAML support)
  • py (code gen, API control, ini file parsing)
  • lxml (processing XML/HTML)
  • cffi (C code interface)


  • cryptography (recipes and primitives)
  • pyOpenSSL (python interface to OpenSSL)
  • passlib (password hashing)
  • requests-oauthlib (Oauth support)
  • ecdsa (cryptographic signature)
  • PyCryptodome (PyCrypto replacement)
  • service_identity (prevents pyOpenSSL man-in-the-middle attacks)

*TensorFlow is available on ActivePython 2.7 for Linux and ActivePython 3.5 for Windows and MacOS; the Intel MKL is available on ActivePython 2.7 and 3.5 for Windows and Linux.